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Clan Eshin Teams

 0-16  Clan Rat  50,000  7  3  3+  4+  8+    G  ASM 
 0-16  Night Runners  60,000  8  2  3+  4+  8+  Dodge  GA  SM 
 0-4  Gutter Runners  80,000  9  2  2+  4+  8+  Dodge  GA  SPM 
 0-2  Assassins  110,000  8  3  2+  3+  8+  Shadowing, Stab  GA  SPM 
 Re-roll counter  60,000 
 Apothecary  Yes 
 Special Rules  Underworld Challenge 
 Tier  1 

Player Pics

Player Icons
Clan Rat

Night Runner

Gutter Runner


Famous Teams
Snick-tail Scuttlers, first mentioned in Spike! Journal #1, 2018

Early in Skavens history Clan Eshin disappeared for many years. They travelled into the east of The World and learned the mysteries of Ind, Cathay and most importantly Nippon where they learned the art of stealth and assassination. With this knowledge they returned to their homelands and filled a great niche in Skaven society.

Clan Eshin have caste system with Night Runners at the bottom, they are weak and expendable and only the worthy make it to the level of the Gutter Runners. Gutter Runners are considered the pinnacle of the Eshin clan alongside the Assassin who are fewer in number but even more deadly that the Gutter Runner.

For years Skaven teams only made use of the Gutter Runners, while assassins were used to steal enemy teams game plans, kidnap referees and occasionally assassinate an opposing star player. But recently all of these practices have died out, opposing team tactics were no longer so important, assassinations and kidnapped refs were no longer called for so the Assassins wanted to move on to the field of play. Clan Eshin decided to form their own teams. The team would represent their caste system, with lowly Clan Rats at the bottom of the system, Night Runners a close second, then Gutter Runners and Assassins at the peak.

Eshin teams are now feared throughout The World for their unrivalled speed, trickery and agility and they have made a name for them self as true competitors on the world Bloodbowl scene.

Clan Eshin teams represent their caste system. Clan Rats are the Linemen, so start with the basic Skaven Lineman stat line.

Night Runners are bascially Gutter Runners in training, so they start with a similar stat line, losing a point of MA and Ag to represent their lowly standing in Clan Eshin.

Gutter Runners stay the same as the normal Skaven team.

Assassins are the toughest of all Eshin players, increasing their Av would not be right though as they are not well armoured, wearing basically the same equipment as the Gutter Runner, so their St was increased to show they are at the peak of Clan Eshin. As their name implies they specialise in assassination so they start with Stab. They drop a point of Ma over the Gutter Runner as they are not quite as fast, though they are just as agile so they keep Ag4. They start with the Shadowing skill to represent their nature, hiding in the shadows and stalking people without being seen, this was chosen over Dodge as it mirrored the Nippon Ninja nicely and also because it feels more in character.

Mutation access is limited to doubles just like the standard Skaven team as Eshin are not synonymous with mutating unlike some of the other clans.

Season 2 (2020 Edition) Changes
No change other than the addition of Pa stats.

Team design by Harvestmouse & Garion
background and rationale by Garion
Artwork by Knut Rockie and coloured by Garion
Icons by Freerange, harvestmouse and Nick Kelch

Last update: January 13, 2023