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Clan Mors Teams

 0-16  Clan Rat  50,000  7  3  3  7    G  ASPM 
 0-4  Storm Vermin  90,000  7  3  3  8  Block  GS  APM 
 0-2  Red Guard  110,000  7  3  3  9  Block Pro  GS  APM 
 Re-roll counter  60,000 
 Apothecary  Yes 
 Star Players  Skaven 

Famous Teams
There are no famous teams mentioned specifically by name but 'Clan Bowl' an article first published in Citadel Journal 46 and later in Blood bowl Annual 2002 contained rosters for all the alternate Skaven Clan teams in this League. Though the rosters here have been changed and improved in many ways.

Player Pics

Player Icons
Clan Rat

Storm Vermin

Red Guard

Clan Mors teams first formed shortly after the NAF dissolved though they never played on the professional circuit. Instead they played in Skaven only leagues in which more basic Skaven teams from each of the 5 major clans competed. It was originally used to train up Skaven players and the best players each season would be snapped up by the great Skaven teams of the era like the Skavenblight Scramblers, Warpfire Wanderers and the Fifth Column Tunnellers.

Years later Clan Skyre, Moulder and Eshin teams started appearing on the professional Blood Bowl circuit and it did not take long until Clan Mors followed suit. Though their mighty Storm Vermin were still in high demand from the big Skaven teams the Clan had more than enough money and surplice Storm Vermin to represent their Clan.

Now Clan Mors teams are common and fans from all over The World flock to see the brutality of this Skaven team.

Clan Mors teams were first mentioned in a citadel journal and later a BB Annual which is why they are included here. They are the 5th biggest Skaven Clan and most famous for their warriors. They are a clan synonymous with war and for training the greatest Skaven warriors - Storm Vermin. As Storm Vermin are all typically from Clan Mors creating a roster with more Storm Vermin than the standard Skaven roster was a must. The linemen are your standard Clan Rats as usual. Storm Vermin were made 0-4 to make the roster more about bashing. I kept the thrower in, although he doesn’t scream Clan Mors I wanted this roster to be closer to the standard Skaven roster in look, with just a few minor changes, also the Mors roster in the BB Annual was similar to this roster and had throwers, clan rats and storm vermin. The annual roster also allowed for Mors players to take Chainsaws in the current version of the rules this is best translated as starting with a Chainsaw player or in this case 2, just to make the team a little more chaotic. I decided to call the Chainsaw players Warlords as it is more thematic and interesting than just calling them Chainsaw. Although WFB warlords wouldn’t have access to this technology it felt fitting to allow the Warlords to wield them in the Blood Bowl parallel universe and as mentioned before it ties them in with the existing Clan Mors team from the BB Annual.

Season 2 Changes
Mors played - 210 games with a win percentage of 54.4%. There was no change required just looking at the numbers, however there was a feeling that Av9 on the Warlords was too high, both my own feeling and among the round robin league admins. It just didn't 'feel' very Skaven like. So I reduced their Av to 8.

Season 3 Changes
Mors played - 126 games with a win percentage of 52.7%. The team is performing as expected, however thematically they felt off. As a result I have moved the chainsaw players to their rightful home which is Skryre. I have also removed the Throwers as they didn't really fit thematically. The new positional that has been added is Red Guard which you can see above. This is the most heavily armoured, well equipped elite skaven warrior. They share a similar stat line to the Stormvermin but with the addition of Pro and a higher AV. This means they can function as team runners, blockers and blitzers. All adding to the teams militaristic elite feel.

Team design by Garion and CIBBL commisioners
Background and rationale by Garion
Player Pics by Knut Rockie, coloured by Garion
Icons by Whatball, Kingmad and Cowhead

Last update: November 5, 2019