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Clan Skryre Teams

 0-16  Clan Rats  50,000  7  3  3  7    G  ASPM 
 0-2  Mecha Vermin  80,000  5  4  1  9  Thick Skull  GS  APM 
 0-2  Jezzail  80,000  7  3  3  7  Sure Hands, Strong Arm, Hail Mary Pass  GP  ASM 
 0-2  Poison Wind Globadiers  50,000  6  3  3  8  Bombadier, Secret Weapon  G  ASPM 
 0-1  Warp Grinder  50,000  7  3  3  7  Chainsaw, Secret Weapon  G  ASPM 
 0-1  Doom Flayers  160,000  5  7  1  9  Loner, Break Tackle, Frenzy, Juggernaut, No Hands, Mighty Blow, Secret Weapon, Dirty Player  S  GAPM 
 Re-roll counter  60,000 
 Apothecary  Yes 
 Star Players  Skaven 

Player Pics

Player Icons
Clan Rat

Mecha Vermin


Poison Wind Globadiers

Warp Grinder

Doom Flayer

Famous Teams
There are no famous teams mentioned specifically by name but 'Clan Bowl' an article first published in Citadel Journal 46 and later in Blood bowl Annual 2002 contained rosters for all the alternate Skaven Clan teams in this League. Though the rosters here have been changed and improved in many ways.

Years ago when the world was at war Clan Skryre were considered the most powerful of all the Great Skaven Clans. They created great weapons of science and magic and were rewarded by the Council of Thirteen with untold riches.

But then came the age of Bloodbowl and the Council of Thirteen had no need for Clan Skryre's Warpstone infused machines. Clan Skryre's power and influence over The 13 dwindled.

Clan Skryre tried to convince the council that their machines had a place in Bloodbowl but their pleas fell on deaf ears. Skaven teams flourished without their aide, becoming one of the most successful races in Bloodbowl.

After years of watching Skaven teams go from strength to strength Clan Skryre took matters in to their own hands and became the first of the Great Clans to form their own teams. They were nowhere near as effective or successful as the regular Skaven teams but nevertheless Clan Skyre built up a great and loyal fan base. They became known for their great weapons and cheating ways once more.

Clan Skre are famed for their secret weapons so it was clear straight away that I was looking at a Secret Weapon heavy roster here. Because of this I gave them the same special rule as Goblins regarding bribes, which also fits their fluff quite nicely as they are extremely wealthy. The cheap bribes are vital for races like this because they will be unable to field a full team for 2 halves without bribes because of auto sending off rule for all Secret Weapons in CRP.

The Lineman is your standard Clan Rat.

The Jezzail is basically the same as the Blunderbuss or Bazooka star players in the normal game. While they do have a number of useful skills Secret Weapon is a huge negatrait so they remain the same price as the Clan Rat.

Similarly the Poison Wind Globadiers remain the same price as the Clan Rats because they are unlikely to play more than half the game. I lowered their movement by 1 and increased their AV as they have quite heavy armour for Skaven and contain a lot of equipment to keep them safe from the poison globes they carry.

Doom Flayers were the final player added, I opted for this over the Dooom Wheel (which is also a Skryre machine) because it would fit on the Bloodbowl pitch, the Doom Wheel would just be too big like a Kill Dozer of the Dwarves or Goblin Tank both of which feature in Bloodbowl Fluff. The Doom Flayer is basically a smaller Doom Wheel and its stat line and skills are fairly similar to the Deathroller, losing Stand Firm and 1 point of Av for +2Ma and Frenzy. I felt these changes gave it more individuality and seemed more in keeping with a Skaven team.

Season 2 Changes
Games played 56, win percentage 42.86% its not enough games to make any sort of analysis however I removed Secret Weapon from the Jezzails as I did with all Ballzooka style players, because no one takes them in their current form. Their price went up by 20k also.

Season 3 Changes
Games played is still very small, only 75 this year, win percentage of 52.7%. I played this roster a fair bit and there were a number of issues with it. I removed Secret Weapon from all players that shoot the ball. But I hadn't increased the players cost. I have done this now. I reduced the Doom Flayers Ma by 1 and reduced the number they can take to 1 as the team were too powerful when there were two Doom Flayers on the pitch. Ma6 was also too good defensively. I added warp grinders to this roster and removed them from Mors team as they should always have been here really. Finally to make the roster more interesting and give them some power when they lose all their Secret Weapon players I added Mecha Vermin to the roster.

Season 4 Changes
Games played 426, win percentage is 44.48%. I am happy to lock this roster in now. No further changes needed.

Team design, background and rationale by Garion and the CIBBL team.
Player Pics by Knut Rockie, coloured by Garion
Icons by Whatball, Machjacob and Cowhead

Last update: November 24, 2020