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Clan Eshin Starting Roster & Tactics

Speed Kills, one way or the other...
Starting Rosters

Variation 1

  • 3 Clan Rats
  • 2 Night Runners
  • 4 Gutter Runners
  • 2 Assassins
  • 3 Re-rolls
  • Total = 980k

Starting with 3 Re-rolls is plenty for such an agile team, and you have all your positionals, the only risk is you do not have an apothecary and your team is quite vulnerable to start off with. So that would be my first buy followed by some more Clan Rats to beef up your fodder.


Variation 2

  • 2 Assassins
  • 4 Gutter Runners
  • 5 Clan Rats
  • Apo
  • 3 Re-rolls
  • Total = 990k

With AV 7, APO is a must have to start. 3 TRR will serve you for the life of the team, so buy them up front. Start with all 6 positionals, so the only choice is Clan Rats for the linemen. You could drop 1 Clan Rat for a Night Runner if you really want to, and the roster would come to an even 1,000,000 gold.


Advantages and Disadvantages

Speed - 4 positionals with MV 9, 2 with MV 8, linemen choice of MV 7 or 8
6 positionals with AG 4, elfish ball handling ability
2 Assassins with Shadowing and Stab

Squishy - AV 7 across the board
journeymen are ST2, and you will take cas early
No starting block or ball skills

Managing the Team

Make lots of gold for replacements (haha)

Linerats - general lineman role, absorb kickoff blocks, outrun and mario kart around your opponents to protect the GRs and Sins.

  • Normal rolls: Wrestle/Block (i prefer wrestle on linerats, ymmv), Fend, DP, Kick?
  • Double rolls: Dodge, Guard, Mutations to taste
  • Stats: +ST, +AG, +MV (don't think AV is worth it on these players, particularly on the first couple of levels, and what linerat lives to a 3rd skill? haha

Night Runners - Nerfed Gutters, the ST2 AG3 really kills them for me, despite having dodge. Leveled up they can be effective, but they will struggle out of the gate against the Prehensile tail spam in SL

Dissenting opinion:
Night runners are generally superior to clan rats in the right hands. The major case where they are inferior is against strength teams that can easily generate 3 die blocks. SL Cup winner Ludicrous Speed preferred a mix of linerats favoring Night Runners

  • Normal rolls: Wrestle/Block, jump up, sidestep, shadowing, sure hands
  • Double Rolls: Guard, Mutations to taste (Big Hand, Extra Arms, Two Heads are my suggestions)
  • Stats: +ST, +AG, +MV (take double on 5s, 6+4 take normal skill until blodging/wrodging)

Gutter Runners - These fill the same role as a default Skaven team, and their development should follow the same path.

Assassins - The Blitzers and killers of the team. Think of them as Stormvermin sans block, with +AG, Shadowing, and Stab

  • Normal roll: Dodge, Block, Tackle, Jump up, side step, leap, strip ball (avoid wrestle, as Sins need to be on their feet)
  • Double roll: Multiple Block, Mighty Blow, Horns, Claw
  • Stats: +ST, +AG (take skills on 10s)

Team Development
Both of these rosters will start with all positionals and 3 TRR, so you only need to save up for a bench and replacement positionals. My preference is the Clan Rats as linemen, as the St2 Night Runners give up far too many block dice for my liking. i would recommend a split of 6 Clan Rats and 4 Night Runners when filling out to a 16 person roster (which i recommend due to AV 7), as this way you can choose to throw the St2 dodgers on the line or dump ST 3 there when the Strength disadvantage becomes too much to bear.

This team can run the ball well, can throw the ball under the right circumstances (like, i really, really, really need to right here), and can screen better than most other teams. Beware of slugfests, and don't let your rats all get pinned in one area, that takes away your biggest advantage, mobility. oh, and always have a Gutter Runner in position for a quick pick up of the ball and break away when your sins pop it loose.

Last update: May 13, 2020