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Clan Skyre Starting Roster & Tactics

Starting Rosters

Variation 1

  • 7 Clan Rats
  • 2 Poison Wind Globadiers
  • 2 Doom Flayers
  • 2 Re-rolls
  • Total = 890k

Starting with 110k to spare is a good idea as it means you will be able to get 2 cheap bribes when playing again most other rookie teams which will make life alot easier for your cheating rats. 2 Bombadiers are a must as they can be potentially devestating with a little luck and you want them skilled up asap in the hope of an HMP double skill roll. The Doomflayers are very reliable at blocking, as they can easily get 3 dice block, starting with 2 should give you enough punch and protection for your squishy Clan Rats.



Last update: August 17, 2012