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Coach ranking introduction

This page is currently being updated following the rankings update.

Understanding coach ranking - why does it say I am a rookie or emerging star?


All coaches have a coach ranking (CR) number. It is the system that FUMBBL uses to give an indication of how good any given coach is.

You can find your personal CR by hovering your mouse on the FUMMBL logo on the top right corner of your home page, the one that looks like a dice in the image above. You can also see in the image that you get an individual CR for each race that you play. Your top two most commonly played races are shown here (you can edit the races displayed in settings/ranking settings) , your overall CR is the sum of your individual race CRs.

How it works

  • All new coaches start on a coach ranking of 1500
  • CR goes up when you win and down when you lose. This only applies to games in competitive division. League division games do not affect CR
  • If a coach has a much higher CR than you and you beat them, you will gain more CR points. The other side of that coin is also true, if you were to lose to a coach with a much Lower CR than you, you will lose more points.
  • You can see how much CR you won or lost in the match report page of any game highlighted in blue in the image below. In this case the difference in CR between the coaches means the relative CR loss and gain is quite big.

The 2023 CR system now accounts for how active a coach is.

It does this by the Deviation number or RD in the in the image below. The higher the number the less frequently the coach has played. This means that the more you play the more the CR system trusts how accurate it's rating of you is, the maximum RD is 150 an indication that you havent played in Competitive division for a while.

What this means in practice is that when you come back after an absence your deviation number will be higher and the CR you gain when you win a game will be also be larger. The amount and the CR points you drop when you loose will also be greater.

You can see in the image that for the coach highlighted in blue has a rating of 1673 but because he hasn't played in competitive division for a while (RD 133) his CR rating (the one the site uses) is lower.

The ? value describes how consistent the coaches results have been, if all of a sudden the coach starts to win against much stronger opponents or looses against much lower rated opponents then this value will go up, if the coach maintains more consistent results inline with what is expected for their CR rating then the value falls.


Along with your CR rating you also get a description of that CR rating, these are brackets of CR so for example CR 150 to CR 156 might be the Emerging star bracket (the actual numbers change regularly, see here for more details [1] ).

These named titles mimic the description that your players get when they gain a level of experience on the field. The titles (in order) are Rookie, Experienced, Veteran, Emerging Star, Star, Super Star and Legend.

You can use the descriptions as quick indications of how good a coach is. In Gamefinder the other coaches can also see your rank title too.

So CR is the definitive guide to the quality of the coach... well not quite.

  • A new player to FUMBBL will have a CR of 1500, but they may have had years of experience of playing Blood Bowl on tabletop or in other forms.
  • A player who predominantly plays in league games will not necessarily have a CR that reflects their actual ability (league division games don't affect CR).
  • Whenever there are rankings, there are ways to 'game' them. The CR number is no different, so if a coach has focussed on this, they may well have inflated their CR number a little (there's no rules against this, whatever you enjoy).
  • Coaches might want to play more challenging teams (stunty, vampires, meme teams etc) and hence they may win less frequently but still be very strong, remember CR does not take into account the strength of the team.
  • the CR system accounts for how active you have been on the site, a coach who has not played for a while will have a lower rating than they might normally have

So in summation Coach ranking is a reasonably good indication of of any coach's skill at playing bloodbowl.

More details on how the Named brackets of CR work

[1] While the exact formula isn't published anywhere (a deliberate choice on Christer's part), it can be summarized as follows (no specifics given here):

  • Legendary is the top X active coaches for the given group
  • The rest of the categories are simply percentages of (non-legendary) active coaches.
  • Rookie and Experienced are forced for low number of games played.
  • There's hysteresis in place to keep you from flipping back and forth between the bands.
  • There are periodic updates that recalculate the limits and re-categorizes people into their current band.
  • The groups don't "fade", even if coaches become inactive, meaning you can have more than the X number of legendary rank players for a given category.
 - Source: gleaned from a forum conversation in August 2017.

Updated 14 October 2017 modification.

  • The Rookie bracket is strictly for rankings where the coach has fewer than 10 matches. Prior to this change, Rookie was shared between coaches with the lowest CRs together with the fewer than 10 coaches. This caused some complexities and confusion.
  • The starting bracket for new coaches is now 'Emerging Star'. This should coincide with the 150 ranking. Prior to the change, new coaches were in the 'Rookie' Bracket and artificially were considered below average.

But I want see the maths!!

If you want even more details about how the Coach Ranking formula is calculated fill your boots here

Last update: January 16, 2023