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Verena is not just the patron of justice, but is also a teacher. She is credited with bringing humans from barbarity to civility. Her priests prioritise wisdom and learning, and the need to eliminate ignorance, with violence if necessary.

The cult operates as small groups across the Empire. Each group has its own motivations, but all agree with the pursuit of and conservation of knowledge. Though having said this, arguments happen on a regular basis between the groups.


Initiation into the cult is not easy. It takes intensive study and the barriers are extremely high. A good candidate must have the ability to rigorously research and learn complex concepts. The novice must be completely committed to gaining wisdom. Once a novice has received sufficient teaching and training, they must face a committee of priests, who will interrogate them on a wide range of topics. Only if they pass, will the panel ordain them as new priests.

Each order is loosely related to each other. There are four main orders within the cult, Lorekeepers, Scalebearers (where a sub-order is the Order of the Sword and Scale), Templars of Everlasting Light and the Order of Mysteries.


They are the largest order in the cult. They focus on the aspect of Verena as the Keeper of Knowledge. They are mainly made up of librarians and scholars and have the ability to study and retain extensive knowledge. For Bloodbowl, this could be reflected in the Pro skill. They would have studied the tactical concepts of the game and understood the best techniques to win the ball, the physics of throwing the ball and the beautiful art of blocking.


They focus on judgement and are not afraid to make decisions. Leader skill is probably the best representation of that. The Order of the Scale and Sword support them in their judgements and in carrying out their orders, normally stand guard over prisoners. Stand Firm is probably a good representation of that. They also wear ceremonial armour which is not as quite good as knightly plate mail, but equally restricts their speed.

Templars of Everlasting Light

They are the most widely known of orders, but not because of anything heroic, but because of an ancient curse. During the Crusades they slew many women and children and consequently, the local matriarch cursed them so that all their lives will end ignobly. As with most knights, they have high AV, reduced MA and the Block skill, but to reflect the old Curse, they have the Loner trait and Decay (to represent how their lives will end in tragedy).

Order of Mysteries

They focus on the forgotten knowledge, ancient lore and suppressed truths. They spend their time in old libraries, ruins and haunted tombs. Through their studies, they understand the darkest mysteries and how to counter evil and injustice. In order to represent this, they have the Nerves of Steel and Dauntless skills. Through knowledge, they have released themselves from fear.


As novices take a long time to become members of a Verena order, they are brought into the team as and when necessary to fill any gaps through player's injuries, deaths or retirements. They are not ready to play for the team as they have not gone through the approved teaching, reached the required level of tactical knowledge and the correct level of fitness, so consequently, they have the Loner trait.

 Cult of Verena 
 Positional  MA  ST  AG  AV  Normal  Double  Skills  Price 
 0-16  Novice  6  3  3  7  G  ASP  Loner  40K 
 0-4  Lorekeeper  6  3  3  8  GA  SP  Pro  70K 
 0-2  Scalebearers  6  3  3  8  GAP  S  Leader  70K 
 0-2  Order of the Sword and Scale  5  3  3  8  GS  AP  Block, Stand Firm  70K 
 0-4  Templars of Everlasting Light  5  3  3  9  GS  AP  Block, Curse (Decay)  70K 
 0-4  Order of Mysteries  6  3  3  8  GA  SP  Dauntless, Nerves of Steel  70K 
 Rerolls  60K (120k after team creation) 
 Apothecary  Yes 

Design Notes

This team is designed to have no regular linemen. The novices (linemen) do not have the required knowledge or skills to pass the grade to become a bloodbowl player. Once they do, they are promoted into an order from which the team can draw from.

The Templars of Everlasting Light are Cursed (Loner, Decay), which means as the team develops, it might be worthwhile removing them or just use them as Guard players.

The Order of Mysteries is an unusual player as Nerves of Steel is more associated with ball handling, while Dauntless is more akin to bringing down larger players.

Created by Apus

Last update: April 30, 2021