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Play as per BB2016. For details, please refer to the Ruleset.

Regular Season

16 teams in 2 groups. Rosters here. The regular seasons are 7 round long round-robin tournaments.

Rounds are about 10 days long, deadlines are at 5th, 15th, 25th of every month.

Karaz Division

  • Barak Varr (Dutys_Fist)
  • Karak Azgal (AVAILABLE!)
  • Karak Azul (Angeblich)
  • Karak Eight Peaks (AVAILABLE!)
  • Karak Kadrin (Xandyreoch)
  • Karak Raziak (AVAILABLE!)
  • Karaz-a-Karak (AVAILABLE!)
  • Zhufbar (AVAILABLE!)

Dabaz Division

  • Karak Angazhar (AVAILABLE!)
  • Karak Azgaraz (AVAILABLE!)
  • Karak Bhufdar (AVAILABLE!)
  • Karak Grom (Apus)
  • Karak Hirn (AVAILABLE!)
  • Karak Izor (AVAILABLE!)
  • Karak Norn (BorekGrumbaki)
  • Karak Ziflin (bakadon)


Dawi Trophy

The winners of the regular season play the grand final for the Dawi Trophy. The winner of the Trophy gets 50k while the runner-up gets 30k extra as a winning.

Division Brawl

The other teams play one match against the same place team of the other Division. The pairs are determined by the Regular Season standings – for example, if a team finishes second in its division, it will play the other second-place team, while a team that finishes last would play with the other last-place team. Teams of the winner division get 20k additional Treasury as a winning.

HammerBowl Cup

The Dawi Trophy winner will get promoted to meet with the winners of other conferences for the winning of the HammerBowl Cup in a KO tournament. Winner of the Cup gets 50k while the runner-up gets 30k as a winning.


During the HammerBowl Cup, all the other HammerBowl conference teams are drawn randomly against each other for a big brawl. Draw will favor cross-conference and cross-division games. Number of rounds will match the size of the HammerBowl Cup.


Between seasons, there is a re-draft.

IMPORTANT! Because of the re-draft, do not make anything in the post-match sequence of the last match of the season! Instead, follow the instructions given you by PM.

The first step of the re-draft in HammerBowl is a unique one. Based on the standings of the regular season, teams roll to get buffed and also to avoid to get nerfed of their roster. Nerf and buff suppress each other. The purpose of this step is to balance the rosters, to counter the higher re-draft budget of the top teams and to keep every season challenging for every teams.

 Place  Gain Buff D8  Avoid Nerf D8  Nerf %  No Change %  Buff % 
 1st  no  8+  88%  13%  0% 
 2nd  8+  7+  66%  31%  3% 
 3rd  7+  6+  47%  44%  9% 
 4th  6+  5+  31%  50%  19% 
 5th  5+  4+  19%  50%  31% 
 6th  4+  3+  9%  44%  47% 
 7th  3+  2+  3%  31%  66% 
 8th  2+  yes  0%  13%  88% 

The administrators will announce the changes of the rosters within some days after the rolls.

Note that the changes apply to open game teams, thus the closed league players write the history of the entire HammerBowl scene.

From this point, re-draft is resolved as per BB2016:

  • There will be public 2D6 rolls for each team. If Roll < Fan Factor then Fan Factor is reduced by a public D3 roll.
  • MNG players recover.
  • There will be public D6 rolls for each player with Niggling Injury. If 3 < Roll + Apothecary then the player recovers.
  • There will be public D6 rolls for each player with two or more seasons. If Roll < Seasons then the player wants to retire and its re-draft cost increases by 20k × Seasons.
  • All teams' Treasury will be increased by 1000k + 10k × Games + 5k × TDs + 5k × Cas. Cas by Foul applies.
  • All teams' Treasury will be decreased by the costs of the Players (all of them are considered to get rehired at this point), Re-Rolls (new team price), Apothecary, Assistant Coaches, Cheerleaders.
  • The coaches will get a PM after the automatic re-draft process.
  • Coaches can cut their costs at this point by unhiring some Players or by decreasing the number of Re-Rolls and the size of the coaching staff. For coaches of teams with negative Treasury, this is mandatory. Once done, ping the admins so they can adjust the Treasury.
  • Assistant Coaches will be added per unhired player with two or more seasons. These Assistant Coaches can get sacked by the coach but they will not increase the Treasury. Hence, the admins always assume that the old Assistant Coaches are fired first.
  • The previous two points can be repeated multiple times until the Treasury gets a non-negative value or the coach is satisfied.


The league will give a shot for BB2020 at the appropriate time. However, if it will be not good enough, we will move forward (or backward?) for the sake of our fun.

Last update: November 8, 2020