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Dryads Starting Roster & Tactics

Starting Rosters

Variation 1

  • 5 Dryads
  • 2 Birch Form
  • 2 Oak Form
  • 2 Willow Form
  • 3 Re-rolls
  • Apothecary
  • Total = 100k

A pretty straightforward starting roster. None of your players start with any fundamental skills so 3 rerolls should be your starting minimum and you want all your premium ST4 players to begin with. 2x Birch Dryads gives you some much needed speed and ensures you have a backup for when your flimsy AV7 gets knocked out; you can add more Birch Dryads as you gain skills but you probably don't want too many flimsy, unskilled Frenzy players to start with anyhow.


Variation 2

  • 6 Dryads
  • 1 Birch Form
  • 2 Oak Form
  • 2 Willow Form
  • 4 Re-rolls
  • Total = 990k

Starting with an extra reroll may be advisable; with no Block and no built in reroll skills you can count on burning through your rerolls quite quickly. Try to keep your lone birch dryad safe as she's fragile and your team gets way slower once she's out. With a little luck you should be able to afford an apothecary after your first game and then you can work in some backup birch forms.



Last update: June 10, 2019