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Dwarf Engineer Teams (Zhufbar)

 0-16  Engineers  60,000  4  3  2  9  Thick Skull, Block  GS  AP 
 0-2  Kickers  80,000  4  3  2  9  Thick Skull, Block, Kick, Dirty Player  GS  AP 
 0-2  Runners  80,000  6  3  3  8  Thick Skull, Sure Hands  GP  AS 
 0-1  Ballzooka  80,000  5  3  3  8  Thick Skull, Strong Arm, Hail Mary Pass  GP  AS 
 0-1  Bombardier  60,000  4  3  2  9  Secret Weapon, Bombardier, Thick Skull  GS  AP 
 0-1  Master Engineer  80,000  5  3  2  9  Secret Weapon, Chainsaw, Thick Skull  GS  AP 
 0-1  Deathroller  160,000  4  7  1  10  Loner, Break Tackle, Dirty Player, Juggernaut, No Hands,
Mighty Blow, Secret Weapon, Stand Firm 
 S  GAP 
 Re-rolls  50,000 
 Apothecary  Yes 
 Star Players  Dwarf 

Player Pics

Player Icons





Master Engineer


Famous Teams
Dwarf Warhammerers who later changed their name to The Warhammers. Also Realm of Zhufbar (Home of the Dwarf Engineers Guild) had a team roster in Bloodbowl Magaine 5. Zhufbar Amateur Eleven are a new addition to the Dwarf Engineers teams, they were first mentioned in Death Zone Season One! Gaming Supplement (2016)

Not long ago Dwarf teams started losing their fans. The once fanatical supporters of the great Dwarves grew tired of the relentless slow grinding play style of their teams and different factions of Dwarf teams started to appear each in the hope their new play-style would draw back the Dwarf fans and bring in revenue to add to their mountains of gold. The two most prominent were the Slayer team; a team formed in tribute to Ironfist the first ever Slayer. The other was The Engineers.

Engineer teams formed in tribute to the Dwarf Warhammerers who all lost their lives one game when they rigged the pitch with so much explosives that both teams were wiped of the face off the world.

True to the Warhammerers form Engineer teams are famed for wielding giant chainsaws, Bazookas, Grenades, Dynamite and of course the iconic Deathroller.

The engineers stadiums are now packed with fans of the game, but not just Dwarves. Gnomes, Skaven, Goblins and any other race with a predilection for cheating fill their stadiums week in week out cheering on the Engineers and their weapons of slaughter.

This team was based mostly on the fluff of the Dwarf Warhammerers team. Their background is very different to most other Dwarf teams; they are famed for their underhand tactics and use of weapons. I couldn't stick to the fluff 100% as they once had 12 Deathrollers on the field in on game, and in another they covered half the field in mines. But the basic premise of the team was that they were Dwarf Engineers and miners, they dug tunnels, traps and made weapons. Because of all this the secret weapons were a must.

The only secret weapon they do not have in the team is a ball and chain player, this is because ball and chain players are meant to be crazed fanatic types and the engineers are more organised in their cheating. So a Bombardier, Bazooka, Deathroller and Chainsaw player were added to the roster. I gave the chainsaw player the name - Master Engineer because this both fits the dwarf fluff very well and adds character to the team.

The Linemen are your basic Dwarf Linemen, though in normal Dwarf team they do not actually have Linemen, they just opted for Longbeards or Blockers if you prefer. Because of this the Dwarf Linemen are basically the same, they are just slightly worse at Blocking so lose the tackle skill and take the appropriate price drop too.

Putting Kickers in the team was a nod to 2nd edition Blood Bowl which is also where the Dwarf Warhammerers fluff came from. Many teams had options of converting 0-2 or 0-4 Linemen in to kickers, which basically gave them the kick skill. But as the team's background is all about cheating and dirty tactics Dirty Player was also added to the kicker.... if they are good at kicking the ball, chances are they are proficient at applying a swift kick to someone's face.

Finally Runners were added to the team to give the team some mobility and also because it fits with the 2nd ed Dwarf theme nicely as well.

Season 2 Changes
Games played 128, win percentage 41%. The team is currently performing slightly worse than expected, however from observations this is mostly down to people overloading on secret weapons too early. I have removed SW from the Ballzooka players as no one takes them if they get sent off, and it is a harmless weapon much like a pogo.

Team design by Spubbbba and Garion
Team Background and Rationale by Garion
Player pics drawn by Knut_Rockie and coloured by Garion
Icons by Garion

Last update: February 5, 2019