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Elemental Teams

 0-16 or 0-2  Earth Elemental  60,000  4  3  3+  4+  10+  Stand Firm  GS  A 
 0-16 or 0-2  Water Elemental  60,000  6  3  3+  4+  9+  Side Step  GA  S 
 0-16 or 0-2  Fire Elemental  60,000  6  3  3+  4+  9+  Frenzy  GAS   
 0-16 or 0-2  Air Elemental  60,000  7  3  3+  3+  8+  Very Long Legs, Pogo Stick, Diving Catch  GAP  S 
 0-1  Incarnate Elemental of Earth  170,000  3  5  5+  5+  11+  Loner(4+), Thick Skull, Stand Firm  S  GA 
 0-1  Incarnate Elemental of Water  170,000  5  5  4+  5+  10+  Loner(4+), Side Step, Fend  S  GA 
 0-1  Incarnate Elemental of Fire  170,000  6  5  4+  5+  9+  Loner(4+), Jump Up, Frenzy  AS  G 
 0-1  Incarnate Elemental of Air  170,000  6  5  3+  2+  9+  Loner(4+), Pogo Stick, Very Long Leg, Pass, Hail Mary Pass  AS  GP 
 Re-roll counter  50,000 
 Apothecary  Yes 
 Special Rules  Old World Classic 
 Tier  (variable) 

  • When creating the team you must decide which of the Elementals is going to be your 0-16 slot, once selected the other 3 Elementals become 0-2 positionals.
  • Once you have selected your lineman (0-16 player) that Elementals big Guy (Incranate Elemental) is the only one that can be taken.

Player Pics

Player Icons
Earth Elemental

Water Elemental

Fire Elemental

Air Elelmental

Earth Elemental Incarnate

Water Elemental Incarnate

Fire Elemental Incarnate

Air Elemental Incarnate

Many years ago, wizards, sorcerers and druids used to play bloodbowl but games quickly degenerated in to battles of magic with little regard for the rules of the game. Subsequently all sorcerers were banned from participating.

For years wizards only participation in the sport was illegal though still fairly common, they stood on the side lines, casting all manner of spells; manipulating the weather, turning players in to toads etc. though their spells were comparatively tame so the officials turned a blind eye. The NAF also found a new home for the wizards from the Colleges of Magic in Dungeon Bowl, a version of the game that gave the wizards greater freedom to be involved in the sport with fewer magic restrictions. But this did not satisfy their thirst to be involved in the game. Tired of acting as mere mercenaries for hire or playing in the catacombs they searched for a new way to get back involved in the game.

A magic that has long been forgotten, lost in the sands of time, last used when the world was at war, was once again discovered; the power to summon Elementals. Qhaysh - a high mage from the Colleges of magic wielding the power of all the Lores summoned great Elementals of Air, Earth, Water and Fire. The huge elementals formed the shape of humans though much greater in size, he named them, the Elementals Incarnate. Qhaysh later discovered that he had the ability to be split the Elementals Incarnate in two, and their power and sized was split. He continued in this fashion until he was surrounded by Human sized Elementals.

The colleges learned of his discovery and the knowledge was immediately shared.

It did not take long until the colleges found a use for the Elementals. For years they had been desperate to get back involved in the sport Bloodbowl and they felt this was a perfect opportunity. No longer would they need to risk their own lives on the pitch as they once did, and they were breaking no rules of magic in the game as the wizards would never step foot on the pitch. They would rear their own teams of Elementals ready to play Bloodbowl once more.

Elementals were an army in WFB in 3rd edition, they were also mentioned in 2nd edition bloodbowl fluff as having a team.

Elementals are formed using the elements, like Daemons they are summoned and take the form of humans, but unlike Daemons their fate is linked to their summoner, if their summoner dies so do they.

Elementals had a stat line of 10s across the board, so this obviously couldn't be translated exactly in to Bloodbowl so I tried to make the stat lines match the element. Further to this each Elemental could be divided each time their stats decreasing. The only models released back then were for human sized Elementals, though recently forge world have made the big versions for a couple of elementals, though as usual they have gone to the extreme and made them giant sized rather than ogre sized which is what they are in this roster. Each element also had their own special abilities and spells.

Air could travel through anything, basically having the ethereal special ability. As with all ethereal players the best way to represent this in Bloodbowl is Leap and Very Long Legs. Air Elementals also had the ability to interact with flying creatures pulling them down from the sky so Pass Block felt like a perfect fit and it combines nicely with Very Long Legs. The larger version would be the Elemental Incarnate, named this because the Elementals have recently returned in 8th edition though only through the Forge World expansions and this is what the big guy versions are called now. The normal Elementals are basically the same though they lose Pass Block and have a worse stat line representing their decreased power.

This is basically how each Elemental and Elemental Incarnate was designed. The skills given were the closest match to the fluff and how you imagine an element in human form to act.

The hardest part of designing the roster was what to do about giving them the use of apothecaries, this could not be done as you cannot really heal elementals, they are essentially magical constructs. I considered giving them Regeneration, but this would have just been bolted on and would not accurately fit the fluff so I felt it would be best to leave them without access to apothecaries or Regeneration and it would just have to be one of the tricky parts of managing an Elemental team.

Season 2 (2020 Edition) Changes
No changes other than the addition of Pa stats

Later increased big guys to 170k, this does not change the starting roster, but makes the buy back cost more severe.

Roster design rationale and background by Garion
Icons by Cowhead
Player art by Knut Rockie, coloured by Garion

Last update: November 2, 2023