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Ethereal Starting Roster & Tactics

"Going toe-to-toe with an Ethereal team is a lot like hammering a nail with a fish. You don't get much done and everyone around you is bloody." -Horolf Hengerson, Norse Dwarf Lineman of the Warhird Huscarls

  • 1. Advantages and Disadvantages
  • 2. Starting Rosters
  • 3. Managing the Team
  • 4. Conclusion

1. Advantages and Disadvantages

-Foul Appearance: Through Foul Appearance (FA), the opponent must roll more dice. Every player on your team has FA. This can ruin a carefully laid plan by your opponent, or cause them to use re-rolls earlier.
-Unusual tactics: Having players with Stab and Hypnotic Gaze give you several options not available to many teams. Pair these skills with Leap and Very Long Legs and now your cage breaking options are near unlimited.
-Mobile Linemen/Linewomen: AG 5 and titchy allow your Spirit Hosts to get just about anywhere. Lining up assists, breaking cages and disengaging are all easy for the Spirit Hosts, especially when developed.

-AV7 Ghosts: Spirit Hosts are going to die? erm... again?
-Ball Handling: The Ethereal team can only field 6 players that can manipulate the ball. Opposing coaches will realize this quickly and target your positional players.
-Lack of consistency early: There are no re-roll skills on the starting roster. -Titchy is a double edged blade: While titchy makes your dodging even better it also means you do not have cumulative tackle-zones so protecting the ball carrier can be very tricky.

2. Starting Rosters

Basic set up

  • 2 Banshee
  • 2 Wraith
  • 7 Spirit Host
  • 3 Re-rolls
  • Total=990,000

A rounded starting roster, you have decent ball handling through the Banshees, but you only have 4 players that can hold the ball and 9 av7 players. Plan on buying the Wraiths quickly, probably to replace lost Spirit Hosts and protect the Banshees.


Higher Av and higher risk

  • 1 Banshee
  • 4 Wraith
  • 7 Spirit Host
  • 2 Re-rolls
  • Total=1,000,000

This roster begins with 5 of the 6 players that can handle the ball. Develop the Wraiths as quickly as you can because the Banshees will quickly steal the show (and the SPP). Switching a Wraith for a Banshee will net you an extra 10k, but may slow the wraith development as the Banshees will likely do all the scoring.


3. Managing the Team


Spirit Host

  • Normal: Dodge, Wrestle or Block, Diving Tackle, Side Step, Strip ball, Leap, Kick
  • Doubles: Guard
  • Stat ups: +ST

This is the fodder for the team. It will be terrible difficult to develop these players. Their first skill should probably be a protective skill in Dodge, Block or Wrestle.


  • Normal: Block, Guard, Tackle, Mighty Blow,, Mutli-Block
  • Doubles: Dodge, Jump Up
  • Stat ups: +MA, +ST, +AG

The Wraith needs to be the centre of this team. They are the Blitzers, secondary ball carriers and resilience of the Ethereal team. Skill them up quickly and tailor them to the role the team needs them to play.


  • Normal: Dodge, Block, Sure Hands, Side Step, Sprint, Sure Feet, Jump Up, Catch
  • Doubles: Guard, Leader, Pass
  • Stat ups: +MA, +ST, +AG

The Banshee as the primary ball carrier will happen naturally due to their AG4. Keep them safe early with block and dodge. As they develop, more defensive skills will aid you greatly. If one Banshee is your ball carrier, the other can fill the roll of giving mobile assists and utilizing Hypnotic Gaze.

Tactics and Development:

-Remember that your Ghosts have Titchy. It is easily forgotten on offense and defence.
-Develop the Wights. Using them as receivers is viable and needed. Stab does not give you SPP so throw block dice with the Wights to try for casualties.
-Break cages with Leap/Stab, Hypnotic Gaze/blitz or taking away tackle zones and blitzing in with a Spirit Host. No cage is safe from this team. A risky cage break is always worth it.
-Protect positional players as there are only 6 ball-handlers on the team. Spread out the positional players and switch the pitch if the needs arise.


This is a challenging team. Be ready to take loses, beatings and massacres. That said, there is infinite potential for the Ethereal team. Just because much of the team is see-through doesn't mean you should look past them.

Written by: Kabooki369
Editor: Garion

Last update: September 3, 2017