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Also see BadMrMojo's Good (Mr) Manners for general etiquette tips.

Asking for help

If you need help from a team approver, security officer or administrator, please try to ask the "correct" level of administrator for help. Asking administrators to approve your team defeats the purpose of the team approvers and generally you won't get a reply. If you have a question or need to get in contact with someone higher than the team approvers, please ask @FUMBBL staff, ask nicely and they might answer sooner than you think. If you are unable to get a reply, use the "Support" section of the website and post your question there.

If you are uncertain who you should ask, just ask the question on the main channel as there is a good chance someone can answer or tell you who you should contact.

How to behave in DISCORD

So, four simple steps is all it takes...
1. Join the channel and start with a simple form of greeting. Just a simple hi or hello works, being polite is always good.
2. State your issue. Most issues can be explained in 10-15 words. Give facts, not assumptions.
3. Wait for an admin to help you.
4a. If an admin answers, give answers to the question and provide the information that is needed. Leave the channel after you have been helped.
4b. If no one is active at the time. Wait up to 5-10 minutes, and leave the channel. Fill in a ticket with all the information and we will handle it when we have the time.

Things you should not do at any time...
1. Repeatedly ask for help.
2. Copy/paste logs unless asked.
3. Getting involved in a conversation that has nothing to do with you.
4. Spam or use all CAPS.
5. Bother admins in private chat.
6. Assume things, stick to the facts... Assuming a coach dropped because you killed his star player can be true, but it has no value to the admins at all. It also shows a lack of respect in general.


Unwanted, needless and repetitive messages in the chat is commonly referred to as spam. You should also avoid repeatedly announcing that you're looking for a game. Do it once, wait a few minutes, looking at other announcements for suitable opponents, and only repeat the lfg announcement if you must.

Endlessly advertizing some other site is considered bad manners. Most people are here to play Blood Bowl and are not interested in your money making scheme or that other game you found five minutes ago. If you absolutely need to discuss these things, please use the off-topic forum on the site.


Please use only English on DISCORD. In regards to swearing, or foul language, while everyone gets upset from time to time, cursing in the main chat will NOT be tolerated and you will be warned once to stop it. If it continues, you will more than likely be kicked from the channel and possibly banned until you can cool down. Remember, the channel has many people on it and some may be children and this would not be appropriate for a "family" channel.

Name Dropping

Although you may not always be happy with other coaches' tactics or actions, please refrain from making name-specific attacks or comments in the public channel. Kindly keep such comments to your match report (and even there, keep it clean and factual please!).

Open Format

Unless you are in a scheduled tourney in League Division (or an admin-approved tourney in Ranked, DivX or Stunty) you always have a choice on who to play, so long as you are not violating the Rules. If you don't want to play against someone, you can politely decline. If someone declines a match with you, do not harrass, taunt, mock or otherwise bother them. There may be a perfectly valid reason. Feel free to ask.

Last update: February 25, 2018