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Forest Goblin Teams

 0-16  Forest Goblin  40,000  7  2  3  6  Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuff  A  GSP 
 0-4  Savage Orc  50,000  6  3  3  7  Frenzy, Thick Skull  GS  AP 
 0-2  Spider Riders  120,000  7  4  3  8  Shadowing, Tentacles  AS  GP 
 0-1  River Troll  110,000  4  5  1  9  Loner, Always Hungry, Mighty Blow, Really Stupid, Regeneration, Throw Team-Mate  S  GAP 
 Re-roll counter  60,000 gold pieces each 
 Star Players  Goblin 
 Apothecary  Yes 
  • Tentacles is the spiders' web ability.

Player Pics

Player Icons
Forest Goblins

Savage Orcs

Spider Rider

River Troll

Famous Teams
There are no Forest Goblin teams written about in the history of Bloodbowl, but I think Dark Mountain Spiders deserve a mention here - They were a Giant Spider team first mentioned in 2nd edition Companion.

Throughout the forests and dense jungles of The Old World, Southlands, and Hinterlands live the Forest Goblins; a feral race of Goblins adorned in feathers and bone. They live off their natural surroundings, the spider forming the corner stone of their society; small ones are eaten, larger ones are kept as pets and giant spiders are ridden. Unlike normal Orcs and Goblins who worship Gork and Mork the Spider is worshipped as their god.

Forest Goblin teams are few and far between but occasionally a band of Forest Goblins, Spider Riders, and Savage Orcs leave the security of their home lands with a River Troll in toe. In days gone by they would have raided and looted nearby settlements but now they challenge the settlements to a game of Bloodbowl and the winner takes home the spoils.

I wanted the Forest Goblins to be slightly different to the standard Goblins. Living in jungles in the wild rather than in strongholds I felt a slightly increased Ma made sense while reducing their Av because they are less well equipped.

Savage Orcs are the same as in the Savage Orc roster. So check the rationale for them in the Savage Orc page. They were added to the roster as they occupy the same areas in The World and are long standing allies of the Forest Goblins so they fit perfectly.

While I do not like mounts playing Bloodbowl I felt I had to make an exception here. Mounts were banned from participating from Bloodbowl after a Khorne team riding Juggernauts were too powerful and killed an entire team, this is in the official fluff for the game in one of the magazines. However Goblins are cheats and I just felt that Spiders are too important for Forest Goblins fluff to omit from the roster. Also a giant spider team was mentioned in 2nd edition. I have them tentacles to represent their web ability and shadowing has a very nice synergy with tentacles and felt appropriate for this player type as it conjures up images of players being stalked by the Spiders. Ma7 was given to them as they are a fast moving creature and also so shadowing was not too easy to escape. St4 was a given as they are huge creatures and again tentacles would be pointless on St3 and Ag3 was a must as they are agile too. I felt that A and S access was the most fitting skill access to give them, G would make them too good and it wouldn't fit as they are creatures being ridden by Stunty players. They are very very good players but this was intentional as I wanted the spiders to be the focal point of the team even though there are only 2 of them.

The Troll is just your standard Troll though I called them a River Troll because they both live in the same areas in The World and felt more in keeping with the Forest Goblin theme.

Season 2 Changes
Games played 275 with a win percentage of 45.82%. This puts them mid tier 1.5 which is as expected. No change required.

Season 3
Games played 411, a win percentage of 49.7%. With no changes made they are sitting betwen tier 1 and 1.5. I suspect this is more a result of the majority of their games being played at a low TV and I would still say they are firmly a Tier 1.5 team due to their obvious draw backs.

Team design by Garion and Harvestmouse
Artwork by Knut Rockie and coloured by Garion
Icons by Whatball

Last update: November 6, 2019