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Gnoblar Teams

 0-16  Gnoblar  30,000  6  2  3  6  Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty  A  GSP 
 0-4  Trapper  40,000  6  2  3  7  Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty, Prehensile Tail  A  GSP 
 0-1  Yheti  140,000  5  5  1  8  Wild Animal, Claw, Frenzy, Disturbing Presence  S  GAP 
 0-1  Gorger  150,000  6  5  1  9  Wild Animal, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Frenzy,  S  GAP 
 0-1  Maneater  140,000  5  5  2  9  Bone Head, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Throw Team Mate  GS  AP 
 Apothecary  Yes 
 Re-roll counter  70,000 gold pieces each 
 Star Players  Ogres 

Player Pics

Player Icons







Gnoblars are among the weakest and the most cowardly creatures in The World. They are weaker than Goblins and even less intelligent. The fact they even play Bloodbowl at all is questioned by many, though they don’t actually have a choice in the matter. Each Gnoblar team is controlled by a solitary Ogre who keeps them all in line and if they step out of line he eats them. A Yheti and Gorger accompany the Ogre as body guards and more often than not they just stand back and laugh at the Gnoblars trying to play.

In the Ogre Kingdom there are few things funnier than watching Gnoblars run around in panic getting squished, though the 3 Big Guys do join in every now and then to try and give the Gnoblars a chance.

After a game the Ogres collect their reward for playing, then go and find a new group of Gnoblars to fling in to the arena for their amusement.


Gnoblars stat line was pretty straight forward; they are basically just Goblins with a lower Av. The Trappers are the same though they have Prehensile Tail representing the traps they use to knock people off balance etc…

The Ogre is just a basic Ogre. The Yhetee is just a Yhetee from the Norse team. In official GW Bloodbowl this is what the Snow Troll is called.

The Gorger is pretty straight forward as well, Wild Animal is the obvious choice as they are frenzied killing machines. They are very tough so Av9 and Thick Skull seemed appropriate.

Season 2 Changes
Played around 30 games with a win percentage of 40%. This is not enough to draw any conclusions other than there was no desire from anyone to play with this roster. As such there were 2 changes made. The Gnoblar trappers got Av7 to make them worth taking. The Maneaters got G access.

Even with these changed people are not playing with Gnoblars so I will likely change them entirely in line with the Gnoblar army book that was once released with White Dwarf.
Teams design by Thmbscrws with slight adjustments by Garion
Background and Rationale by Garion
Player Pics drawn by Knut_Rockie and coloured by Garion
Icons by Misterfurious

Last update: September 12, 2018