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Grotty Little Tournament Facilitator's Guide

Managing The Group

  • Only accept applications to the group when you are ready to start a GLT Qualifier.
  • Delete membership of coaches after a tournament.

Setting Up The Tournament

  • Select "Create New Tournament"
  • Name the tournament "GLT Qualifier <Roman Numeral>"
  • All GLT Qualifiers are 8 team "Knockout" Tournaments
  • Clear the Start and End Date boxes
  • Set progression to "Standard"
  • Set prize to Minor (+1 FF)

Starting The Tournament

  • Select from those in the channel #FUMBBLMajors, the 8 teams who applied earliest and accept their teams to the GLT Qualifiers Group.
  • Get each coach to officially confirm they are ready to play via a chat msg.
  • If there aren't 8 teams ready to start, advertise in the #FUMBBL channel
  • "Start the Tournament"
  • Seed coaches by "Coach Ranking"
  • Select the 8 teams
  • Press "Start"
  • Post the tournament schedule link in the channel
  • Wish the participants "Good Luck"

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Last update: June 7, 2006