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 0-16  Lineman  50,000  6  3  2  8  Tackle  G  SAP 
 0-2  Kickers  60,000  6  3  3  7  Tackle, Kick, Hail Mary Pass  G  SAP 
 0-4  Blocker  80,000  5  4  2  8  Tackle  GS  AP 
 0-4  Blitzer  90,000  7  3  2  8  Block, Sure Hands  GS  AP 
 0-1  Ogre  140,000  5  5  2  9  Loner, Bone Head, Thick Skull, Mighty Blow, Throw Team Mate  S  GAP 
 Re-roll counter  60,000 gold pieces each. 
 Apo  Yes 
 Star Players  Orc 

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Famous Teams
Halfbreed Hellraisers - First appeared in 1st Edition


  • The 1st edition rules contained a Half-Orc team which had a "roughly" 1 in 6 better chance of knocking down an opponent than either of the Orc or Human races from which they were born. Giving them a point of strength was too much, as would be giving all the players Block, but giving all Half-Orcs Tackle makes for a different team concept and is more true.
  • The Half-Orc race was also less agile than either the Human or Orc races. The race had a lower Passing ability than either of its parent races and had no position on the team for Throwers or Catchers. So this led to a translation of AG 2.

    All other stats were that of the Human side of its parents. Thus the stats of MA:6, ST:3, AG:2, AV:8 with Tackle.
The 1st edition rules included 3 position players which were translated as follows:
  • The Runner had Lineman stats and had Block and Sure Hands. Easy translation, since a 1st edition Runner is what is called a Blitzer in 4th edition.
  • The Defensive Blocker had -1 MA, +1 AV, and Tackle. Well the translated Lineman already had Tackle ... so Double tackle was translated as +1 ST. We were very happy with this result as it resembles a mix of Human Lineman and Black Orc.
  • Finally, the Half-Orc team had a Kicker. The Kicker could kick the ball better at kick-off than a non-kicker (translated to 4th edition Kick skill). The Kicker could also, at any point during a turn, kick the ball 18 squares downfield toward a given square but it wasn't very accurate (26% of the balling landing in the target square). Now while the 4th edition rules do not allow kicking the ball at anytime anymore, they do include Hail Mary Pass which reads very much like the kicking ability of the Half-Orc kicker. So to give the team more of the flavor it had in 1st edition, the Kicker has Hail Mary Pass (but he does NOT gain the ability to easily learn Passing skills). Finally, the Kicker had a -1 to its 1st edition Toughness which translates to -1 to the 4th edition AV (AV 7). Last note: in order to give the team some actually playability, the Kicker was given AG 3 instead of AG 2 (which isn't unfounded as AG 3 with no access to Agility or Passing skills is also a decent translation from 2nd edition.)

Season 2 Changes
321 games, win percentage of 57.48%. There was no really problem with Half-Orc other than the issue that has plagued Dwarfs for year, i.e. tackle spam. This made them too hard a counter against certain teams and not fun to play. As such I removed Tackle from the Blitzers as these are players that will always be taken which leaves 4 players without starting Tackle. I reduced their price by 10k too. I still do not like this roster though, so they could change in future.

Team translated from the 1st edition by Tom Anders and Rationale by Tom Anders aka Galak Skyscrapper
Player Pics drawn by Knut_Rockie and coloured by Garion
Icons by Cowhead

Last update: August 1, 2017