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 0-16  Lineman  30,000  6  3  2  7    G  ASP 
 0-2  Kickers  70,000  6  3  2  7  Dirty Player, Kick, Hail Mary Pass  G  ASP 
 0-2  Blocker  80,000  5  4  2  8  Mighty Blow  GS  AP 
 0-4  Blitzer  90,000  7  3  2  8  Wrestle, Sure Hands  GS  AP 
 0-1  Ogre  140,000  5  5  2  9  Loner, Bone Head, Thick Skull, Mighty Blow, Throw Team Mate  S  GAP 
 Re-roll counter  60,000 gold pieces each. 
 Apo  Yes 
 Star Players  Orc 

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Famous Teams
Halfbreed Hellraisers - First appeared in 1st Edition

Despite the name given to this race of half breeds from the inhabitants of Old World, Half Orcs are not just Half-Orcs. The collection of half breeds is made up of Half-Orcs, Half-Hobgoblins, and even Half-Goblins. This group of misfits are outcast by their greenskin brethren, and live on the fringes of humanity.

At first Half-Orcs only appeared as hired hands in Renegade teams, and Ogre teams, but both groups cast them out and no longer hire them. Half-Orcs started forming their own teams, in their shanty towns on the edges of civilization. They are poorly equiped, and lack the skill and finesse of their human and greenskin brethren but their numbers are great, tactics are dirty and they still pack a punch.

In season (year) 1 and 2 this roster used the Half Orc roster that was on midgard blood bowl league. The 2nd year made some small adjustments, however it was still a deeply unliked roster, mainly due to their ubiqutous tackle. In year 3 I felt it was time to depart more from the mbbl roster and make it a little more unique and in keeping with the external sources of background material rather than a direct mathimatical translation of the 1st edition roster. If you want to read how that roster was created it is easy to find via your web browser searching fo mbbl half orc blood bowl roster.

First thing I did is remote Tackle from all the players. I wanted it to resemble the first edition roster in build still so left that alone for the most part. Keeping the atypical player types Kicker and the runner/blitzer 1st and 2nd edition style player.

I reduced the Blockers for 0-4 to 0-2 for balance reasons, and added Mighty Blow to the Blockers instead of tackle. This fits both the design of the 1st edition roster and also the background on them lacking finesse but having a brutal streak. The Kickers I gave Dirty Player, in keeping with the 2nd edition fouling bonus from kicking, and also in keeping with the themes of them being down and dirty. The linemen I remove tackle and reduced the cost. Making them more numerous, but poorly equipped, both of which are in line with the background material. I left the Ogre in the roster as the big guy as Half Orcs have a history in Blood Bowl of playing with Ogres and not other big guys as much. Finally I changed the Blitzer from having Block to Wrestle. This was too avoid the roster being too good at bashing at low TV. They already have 3x Might Blow and Dirty Player, and also because Wrestle shows a lack of finesse, they are not skilled Blitzers like Orc or Humans. They are just good at grappling, stubborn and dirty. I also liked it because it has an anti synergy with Sure Hands again explifiying their lack of skill and finesse.

The rest of the roster remains pretty much unchanged from the 1st edition idea, low Av because of poor equipment, low agility because they lack finesse, low cost to match their skills which makes you able to have a deep bench.

Season 2 Changes
321 games, win percentage of 57.48%. There was no really problem with Half-Orc other than the issue that has plagued Dwarfs for year, i.e. tackle spam. This made them too hard a counter against certain teams and not fun to play. As such I removed Tackle from the Blitzers as these are players that will always be taken which leaves 4 players without starting Tackle. I reduced their price by 10k too. I still do not like this roster though, so they could change in future.

Season 3 Changes
165 games win percentage 50.91%. The changes made last year appear to have worked and made the team less successful. However the roster was still deeply hated by many people when playing against them because of tackle spam. I have decided to change the roster, and I have re-written the Rationale to match the new team.

Season 4 Changes
After the big changes last year this roster is much more fun, and is now getting played alot more as a result with 437 games played and a win percentage of 51.6% I am happy to lock this roster.

Team design by Garion, and the CIBBL team
Player Pics drawn by Knut_Rockie and coloured by Garion
Icons by King mad

Last update: November 30, 2020