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How can I make the game client smaller?

Important: FFB client now has in-built resizing.

The advice in this page is out of date, the FFB client now has an in-built resize option (added April 2023) which is preferable to all of the options listed below. Access it from the User Settings menu, choose 'Client size' and select your preferred size.

Old advice (before the in-built resize existed)

This page relates only to Windows.

This page relates to using the game client on small laptop screens.

Due to limitations that can't be easily fixed, the game client can be difficult to use on small laptop screens. Adjusting your scaling (known in Windows as "Make everything bigger") usually solves this problem. Laptops with smaller screens often default to a scaling of 125% or 150%, reducing this should allow your client to fit on your screen. It's important when changing scaling to close and restart the game client for it to take effect correctly, some experimentation will be required (try it out when spectating to find your preferred settings).

You should now have the game client fitting onto your screen, if you're still struggling to see the action, we have a guide to zoom in just on the pitch area.

Last update: April 30, 2023