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Ka-Sabar Teams

 0-16  Skeleton  50,000  5  3  2  8  Regeneration, Thick Skull  G  ASP 
 0-2  Throw-Ra  90,000  6  3  2  8  Pass, Regeneration, Sure Hands  GP  ASP 
 0-4  Block-Ra  90,000  5  3  2  9  Block, Regeneration  GS  AP 
 0-2  Ushabti  130,000  5  5  1  10  Take Root, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Regeneration  S  GAP 
 Re-roll counter  70,000 gold pieces each. 
 Apothecary  No 
 Star Players  Khemri 

Player Pics





Ka-Sabar was once a great city, maybe the greatest in all ancient Khemri. It was known as The City of Bronze. At the centre of the city-state stands an ancient temple that towers in to the skies, the temple of Nuffle. Elaborate glyphs are inscribed all along the the outer and inner walls of the monument telling a story of the god Nuffle and how this great deity gifted the world a sport, one that every race from all corners of the planet would learn to play.

As with the rest of Khemri the lands are now decaying, nothing living remains. Though it is not deserted. The skeletal remains of the former inhabitants stalk the lands in a parody of their former lives. The miners keep mining, the soldiers keep training and the sports stars still play their unique brand of Blood Bowl.

The teams of this region are unique in many ways. Foremost is the size of the players. The skeletal remains of the race that once lived here are taller, and more thick set. The helms as with the rest of Khemri are still devoted to the gods Thro-Ra and Blitz-ra, however their armour is much thicker and heavier then any other in the region. The other noticeable difference is the team do not play with Tomb Guardians, instead two colossal Ushabti provide the foundation for the team.

No one knows what great calamity befell this continent, but the Tower of Nuffle serves as a reminder to all that enter these lands of this regions great power and history.

In the Warhammer world, Ka-Sabar houses a giant temple - the Temple of Sorrow. which is visible from all over Nehekhara (in the Blood Bowl magazine, the region is called Khemir). It is strongly suggested that Khemri was a region of the world that played this sport possibly thousands of years before the current era. Those teams were all wiped out and the sport forgotten until it was rediscovered in that fateful Dwarf vs Orc battle. Because of all this I renamed the temple The Temple of Nuffle for their background.

In terms of the players, based on the background for the region they are essentially the same as standard Khemri except much more robust. They are described as being much taller than other Khemri, and that arrows bounced off them. So it was clear we were looking at a more heavily armoured variant, which is what dictated the players stats.

The only other difference is there are no Tomb Guardians, instead teams from this region play alongside Ushabti. Ushabti transform from statues to an animate players like Foo Statues, so Take Root was the obvious choice. As with Foo Statues, St5 and Av10 felt correct, alongside Thick Skull as they are made of stone. Finally Mighty Blow was the another simple choice for their damage skill. Ushabti could have been given to any region specific Khemri team in truth, but they felt most fitting here in a teams whose focus is built around toughness more so than any other. Also, background material suggests that the Ka-Sabar region was once the most powerful

Season 3
Created in season 3, only 98 games played so far. The roster is intended to be tier 1.5, though with a win percentage of 37% they may need some price reductions to make them a little more competitive. Too few games played currently.

Teams design by Calthor, Burnalot and the CIBBL commissioners
Background and rationale by Garion
Player art by Knut Rockie and coloured by Garion
Icons by King Mad

Last update: April 13, 2020