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Khainite Assassins Starting Roster & Tactics

"Stab them! STAB THEM ALL!"
Advantages and Disadvantages_

  • 6 Stabbers with Shadowing and a Chainsaw rostered
  • universal AG 4
  • Good movement capabilities
  • universal GA access


  • mostly AV 7
  • Secret Weapon
  • lacks core skills at start

Starting Rosters

Variation 1

  • 6 Neophytes
  • 2 Assassins
  • 2 Shadowblade
  • 1 Executioner
  • 3 Re-rolls
  • Total = 1000k

Season 2 roster - no longer adds up correctly This is your standard roster, 3 re-rolls should be enough to last you forever, If you really think you can cope with 2 then you can start with an apothecary instead of the 3rd if you wish.

As a low AV team with only 11 players, one of which will be sent off after 1 drive the vast majority of the time this can be a challenging starting roster. So those that like to play safe starting with another lineman and no chainsaw is the way to go, only getting the chainsaw once you have a bench.


Variation 2

  • 5 Neophytes
  • 4 Assassins
  • 2 Shadowblades
  • 3 RR
  • Total = 990k

This is your non-Secret Weapon roster. You start with all positionals, so you may consider dropping the 3rd RR for an Apo to start, as a dead Shadowblade or Assassin can really set you back, and with elfs stabbing, 2 RR can be sufficient when you play conservatively.

APO, bench Neophyte, Chainsaw, deeper bench would be the primary purchase order.

A variant to this would be to drop a Neophyte for the Executioner, only for those who have no fear of playing shorthanded...



Team Development


  • Normal: Dodge, Block/Wrestle, Side Step, Tackle/Strip Ball, Dauntless, Fend, Diving Tackle
  • Double: Guard, Mighty Blow, Leader
  • Stats: +ST, +AG, +AV, +MV

These are your linemen, so build them accordingly. Wrestle Strip ball is a good combo for one or two of these guys, and Stats will dictate who best to build in a certain direction. Because your Assassins and Shadowblades have Shadowing, Block is their path to keep them on their feet as much as possible, so these guys will fill any wrestle niche on the team, in addition to whatever else you need them to do.


  • Normal: Dodge, Block, Side Step, Tackle, Sure Hands
  • Double: Multiple Block, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Guard
  • Stats: + MV, +ST, +AG,

Movement is always better than armor for these due to Shadowing. Blodgestep and you have a great marker, throw in tackle and they are nasty. an early double will usually go Multiple Block for the double stab capability, but an argument can be made for Stand Firm and Guard. If the team lacks Mighty Blow elsewhere, this isn't a bad piece to use it on, but it doesn't apply to stabs, so may not be the best usage. These are your positionals, so their skill ups will tell you how to build them to fill a role in your team.


  • Normal: Block, Side Step, Tackle, Sure Hands, jump up, Fend, Diving Tackle
  • Double: Mighty Blow, Multiple Block, Leader, Guard,
  • Stats: +ST, +AG, +MV

Assassins with Dodge, +MV, and +AV, these are your elite stabbers. blodging at 6spp, they will be the best markers and blitzers on the team. they also serve as your primary ball carriers and all around superstars.


  • Normal: Block, Dodge, SideStep?, Shadowing, jump up, sneaky git, dirty player
  • Double: Guard, most others don't work with his style of blocking...
  • Stats: +ST, +AG, +MV

a rostered chainsaw on an elf team!?! might lean the sneaky git/dirty player route with these guys, but never seen one skill up...

This team can be very effective, particularly against the lower AV teams in SL. They do suffer from the same problem as elf union teams do, in that they also don't tend to stay on the pitch for a full game. You will tend to stay in base contact more than your typical elf team, and for this reason i recommend block on all positionals as first skill, unless they get blessed by nuffle with a stat or double. Keeping your Assassins and Shadowblades on their feet and a threat at all times is your best chance at success.

The Chainsaw can be a useful tool, or not. depends on your playstyle. It is there, so don't be afraid to use it.

Last update: January 25, 2019