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Kislev Starting Roster & Tactics

Starting Rosters

Variation 1

  • 2 Linemen
  • 1 Kicker
  • 2 Wings
  • 4 Kossars
  • 2 Werebears
  • 2 Re-rolls
  • Total = 970k

A pretty straight forward starting roster. You have all your positionals. 2 RRs to start is a little risky, but as you have 2 Werebears you will be blocking or blitzing a fair bit with them anyway to start off with and your 4 Kossars have Wrestle so they shouldn't eat up many Re-rolls with thier blocking. The lack of an apothecary is a little worrying to start with so make sure you protect your key players until you can afford one.


Variation 2

  • 4 Linemen
  • 1 Kicker
  • 2 Wings
  • 3 Kossars
  • 1 Werebear
  • 4 Re-rolls
  • Total = 1000k

This variation aims to be a little more risk-averse. While starting with only 3 Kossars and 1 Werebear means the team lacks a little starting punch and can be a bit more fragile, the 4 RRs allows you a little more leeway when dice don't go your way. Still, taking advantage of the starting RR savings comes with a cost...You'll almost certainly want to buy your Apothecary ASAP, and then your 4th Kossar and 2nd Wearbear eventually, but you might have a greater chance to earn a little extra gold through winning some early games.



Last update: February 13, 2017