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Kurgan Teams

 0-16  Slaves  50,000  6  3  3  8    GM  ASP 
 0-4  Kurgan Marauders  70,000  6  3  3  8  Block  GSM  AP 
 0-2  Ravagers  100,000  6  3  3  8  Block, Jump Up, Thick Skull  GAM  SP 
 0-2  Brutes  100,000  5  4  3  8  Thick Skull  GSM  AP 
 Re-roll counter  70,000 gold pieces each. 
 Apothecary  Yes 
 Star Players  Chaos 

Player Pics


Kurgan Marauders



Kurgan teams are among the most hated Blood Bowl teams in the game. They are aligned to all of the Chaos gods, never devoting them self to the pleasure of just one. They are ferocious, powerful, brutal and dirty. Which sounds like a recipe for a huge following. However it is their off field activities which made the race of Marauders so infamous. In this relatively peaceful age Kurgans still continue ravaging the northern territories of the Old World, looting towns and villages, taking their supplies and even enslaving humans to fight along side them. For a long time many human teams in the Old World avoided playing Kurgan teams altogether because of these practices. This ultimately proved counter productive though as Kurgans just grew stronger and their teams became more numerous. Now teams throughout the world play Kurgan teams out of pure hatred; in an attempt to destroy them beyond any hope of recovery, which is in no way an easy task. Kurgan Zars - the clans leaders and team coaches, are all too happy to take on any opposition brave enough to face them in this blood sport.

When designing Kurgan Teams the most common positional had to be the Kurgan Marauder. In Warhammer fantasy the Kurgan Marauder is the standard Kurgan. Their stat line is similar to a normal Chaos Marauder, only better in combat, stronger, and tougher, but less dexterous. Losing P access compared to the normal Marauder was fitting here and would have no place in the team. Starting with Block was the best fit for increasing the toughness, strength and general attributes associated with combat. Av9 or St4 would have been too much of a stretch as they are similar in many ways to Norse in their ancestry and in their attire, only bigger and tougher. So Av8 was the most fitting choice. The rest of the stat line was the standard human baseline. M access is a must as it is with all Chaos Marauders because of where they live, their background etc...

The Linemen choice was straight forward as the Kurgans are slavers. They raid lands capture humans for slaves. Though Kurgan slaves are not malnourished lackeys as one may imagine. They are in many ways more comparable with pit fighters. They are trained for battle, equipped well and fed properly. Any slaves not up to the task are quickly killed in the brutal training that Kurgan Marauders put them through. This leaves only the most skilled, resilient fighters to stand along side the Marauders. In fact Kurgan Slaves can even rise above their station and become Marauders and in rare cases have even become Zars (leaders) of their own Kurgan tribes. Their stat line was kept the same as a human lineman, as they are pretty well equipped and Mutation access was given to them on single rolls rather than doubles. This was because Kurgans cut the slaves, creating deep lacerations on their bodies which help mutations accelerate in their growth.

The Brutes are the greatest Kurgan Marauders in size and strength. They are not yet as skilled or disciplined in combat as a Chaos Warrior, but it is not uncommon for Chaos Warriors to come from Northmen tribes like Kurgan. They are even referred to as aspirant chaos champions, aspiring to be an Elite Chaos Warrior. So we were looking at a similar stat line as a Chaos Warrior. Their armour is not as good but their size and general toughness is so great that Av8 Thick Skull felt fitting, and their skill access mirrors that of a Chaos Warrior.

Ravagers were chosen for the final positional in the roster as the Kurgan background talks of quick raids by Kurgan ravagers in to human territories, to plunder, steal and enslave, then disappear back to the Northern Wastes. Ravager means to uproot, seize and carry off. So the name felt very fitting. No specific unit or playable Warhammer character is specifically called Ravager in any texts, however their background tells of groups of Kurgan ravagers. When choosing their stat line we were again looking at a human base line. Block was again added to help show their increased strength and combat ability over standard humans, and Thick Skull to highlight their battle hardened toughness. Jump Up was given for two reasons - firstly because it was fitting based on their background as raiders but also so the team has a little bit of a Norse feel to it, as these warriors share an ancestry with the Norse. We considered allowing the Ravager access to S access but opted to take it a different route. We decided this positional would be the teams runner, albeit a very aggressive one. So we gave the positional A access instead as we felt this was more fitting thematically for an agile type warrior. Also for balance reasons we didn't want the roster to have too much strength and S access, as it was already very strong in that respect.

As with all Chaos races their Re-roll cost is 70k. As this represents team cohesion, coaching, training, facilities etc...

Created in Season 3
157 games played so far with a win percentage of 57%. This technically puts them just over tier 1, they were designed as a tier 1 rosters and they are certainly very capable. Too few games played currently to draw any real conclusions. I will be keeping an eye on the team in case it is too good. Though I suspect it is fine.

Teams design by CIBBL commissioners and Garion
Icons by King Mad
Background and rationale by Garion
Player art by Knut Rockie and coloured by Garion

Last update: November 5, 2019