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Kurnous Teams

 0-16  Wild Hunters  70,000  6  3  4  7  Frenzy  GA  SP 
 0-2  Shape Changer - Boar  80,000  7  3  4  7  Tusks (Horns)  GA  SP 
 0-2  Shape Changer - Bear  100,000  6  3  4  8  Claw, Dauntless  GA  SP 
 0-2  Shape Changer - Wolf  90,000  7  3  4  7  Claw, Frenzy  GA  SP 
 0-1  Kurnocervus  150,000  5  5  2  8  Loner, Wild Animal, Horns, Thick Skull, Mighty Blow, Frenzy  S  GAP 
 Reroll counter  50,000 gold pieces each 
 Apothecary  Yes 
 Star Players  Wood Elf 

Player Pics

Player Icons
Wild Hunters

Shape Changer - Boar

Shape Changer - Bear

Shape Changer - Wolf


As Blood Bowls popularity grew through the years more and more stadiums were erected throughout The World. With this - many many trees were felled for their construction.

The forest gods did not take kindly to this, for years forest Fey materialized and were sent forth by Kurnous god of the wild hunt to slaughter any creature that dared to set foot in these forests with bad intentions, but the numbers of foe were just too great and many forests died.

As the Asrai Fey were killed and the number of trees depleted their resolve only became stronger. The trees of Athel Loren started moving, the branches intertwined from tree to tree forming an impenetrable wall in the middle of which a glade was created. The trees and the Asrai fey had constructed a giant organic Blood Bowl stadium on the border of their forest.

Kurnous was opposed to the killing of any creatures unless absolutely necessary. So now when any teams want to take wood from their forest they are first challenged to a match against the brutal Kurnous Fey. A team would emerge from the trees as if appearing from another world; their skin glowing green, and eyes shinning blue. Wild Hunters, Shape Changers and the mighty Kurnocervus would appear before their opposition. If the interlopers won the match they would be presented with supplies of wood picked from the forest floor, if they lost they would be driven out empty handed.

After the forests of Athel Loren took this stand other forests started following suit. The Fey of Laurelorn were next, then Avelorn and on and on until Kurnous teams were found throughout The World, protecting their homeland and ultimately The World from destruction.

Kurnous is the god of the wild hunt, although High Elves and some Humans also pray to this god, the wood elves feel they are the only race worthy of his adoration. True to Kurnous' mantra the Wood Elves live off the forest, protecting it and the animals that live there and never killing unless they have no choice but to. Kurnous is similar to Minotaur in appearance, though the body is of an Elf and head of a stag, though the size of a Minotaur in proportions. This is where the idea for the big guy came from. The Kurnocervus is not specifically mentioned in any background material, but it is not much of a jump to make. Orion is a character in warhammer and it could be argued that he is such a creature albeit an extremely powerful demi god version. I created the name using the same naming conventions used for Minotaurs, 'Mino' is the name of the creatures creator, and where the creature originates in Greek Mythology, while Taur is Latin for Bull; - Minotaur. So when naming Kurnocervus I did the same. Kurnous is the name of the creator and Cervus is Latin for Stag; - Kurnocervus. When creating the players stat line is essentially a Minotaur.

In WFB there are only Wild Riders in the last edition (pre End Times) that were aligned specifically to this god in the army background material, aside from characters like Orion. Riders isn't a very fitting name though. The 'Hero' version of this troop type in WFB are called Wild Hunters, this fits much more on a Blood Bowl pitch and also fits more with the Kurnous God of the Wild Hunt theme. The Wild Hunters are not actually elves, they are really fey, born from the forest, born for the hunt in their gods image. Their green almost ethereal looking skin and blue glowing eyes makes them look otherworldly but they still have the characteristics of the Asrai. They are meant to be wild and reckless and very hard hitting, so frenzy felt like a must, they wear no armour and are very fragile, in WFB they are the epitome of a glass cannon troop type, huge hitting potential but very easy to kill. After much thought I settled on 6347 stat line, MA could be higher but the cost just became too high. Ma6 is fast enough for an Elf, although in WFB they are extremely fast this is really because they are ridding on stags. There isn't any indication really how fast they would be on foot. So it isn't too much of a disconnect.

In earlier editions of WFB specifically 3rd (from which most Blood Bowl Fluff originated) - there were Shape Changers in wood elf armies that fit very nicely in to the Kurnous theme too. The background material of that era goes on to say - They are the favoured Kin of animal spirits and are able to manifest the characteristics of particular beasts. This suggests to me they are again some kind of Fey rather than an actual Wood Elf, which fits again with the theme. Also as Kurnous is all about protecting nature and animals it makes sense to me that Kurnous teams would have Shape Changers aligned to them - that take characteristics of animals to fight against their foes. The rule book also goes on to say that the when taking the characteristics of an animal (either Board, Wolf or Bear) they can still use their hand weapons. Basically the way it reads to me is though they can fully transform in a bear, boar or wolf they usually just take on some of the characteristics. So the boar form takes tusks, the wolf claws and frenzy, the bear its bulk hide and claw, the increased bulk and hide make them tougher Av8, but less agile Ag3. I considered giving the bear S access and removing A, but decided against it for now as it could be too good. I wanted this roster to be a hard hitting agility team but also fragile - in line with the Wild Riders of Kurnous in WFB.

Season 2 Changes
New team to Season2.

Season 3 Changes
Games played - 214, win percentage is 50.93%. The team is peforming at the appropriate level, though they are a hard team to start. I have reduced the cost of Re-rolls by -10k, the Bear gains +1Ag and increased price so that the team is all Ag4 now. This is a small buff that should help the team a little with attrition which they currently suffer very heavily from.

Team design by Garion and Calthor
Background and Rationale by Garion
Icons by King_Mad
Player Art by Doom Spider, coloured Garion

Last update: November 6, 2019