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Lizardmen team lineups

LRB4 Starting Rosters

It is highly recommended to read the accompanying article on Lizardmen Strategy. If you are aiming for a team that remains effective at higher ratings (say 175-200 TR), you will want to develop the saurus as much as possible. For this, a starting lineup that includes lots of saurus, and plenty of re-rolls would be ideal.

In a short term tournament, you may not have much time to develop players, and may find that you are better off with less fan factor, and some additional skinks/rerolls.

Variation 1

  • 6 sauruses
  • 5 skinks
  • 2 RR
  • 9 FF
  • 10k left.

This lineup includes the full complement of saurus, in hopes of being able to earn them some early SPPS. It also includes a high fan-factor, in hopes of sufficient income to purchase an apothecary, additional re-rolls and the kroxigor needed to fill out the team.


Variation 2

  • 5 Sauruses
  • 6 Skinks
  • 3 RR
  • 6 FF

To increase the number of re-rolls, you really have to drop the number of saurii (or drop the fan factor to dangerously low levels - see The Importance of Fan Factor). Personally, I wouldn't want to go much lower than 6, as per the following lineup (lizards need cash to fill out on players).


Variation 3

  • 1 Kroxigor
  • 6 Sauruses
  • 4 Skinks
  • 1 RR
  • 9 FF

Alternatively, you can also go the other way, and drop a re-roll, allowing you to include a Kroxigor in the starting lineup. This makes it even more likely that MVPs will land on the players that need them. With 7 ST4+ players, you should be able to get plenty of 2d blocks as well. The down-side is a lack of re-rolls, which means that you have to play very conservatively until you manage to buy more of them at 120k a piece.


See also Lizardmen Strategy and Skill Selection Survey

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Last update: January 30, 2011