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Local only settings

In the client you can define various user settings, for example, sound volume, pitch orientation and font colors to name a few.

All these settings are stored locally and by default also remotely on the game client server. The local copies are used to initialize the client at startup so e.g. it opens already using the correct pitch orientation. Once the client connects to the server the remote properties overwrite the local ones.

If you play on different devices and change a setting on one it is updated remotely and will be applied to the client on your other machines once you connect with that one again.

If you want to use a different value for a setting on different devices that you play on you can configure it to be stored locally only using "User Settings" -> "Local Stored Settings". Any setting you check on this dialog will not be stored remotely anymore.

This is useful e.g. should you prefer to use a different orientation on different machines.

To store the properties we use a standard java preferences mechanism. It stores the config values in a location specific to the user you are logged in on your computer and also differentiates them based on the coach name used. That means it can handle multiple coaches using the same account on a computer. But on the other hand it means should you switch using a different account on your machine then those settings are not accessible anymore and you will have to change them again.

Last update: April 30, 2023