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Lumbria Teams

 0-16  Drop Bears  60,000  5  2  3  7  Stunty, Right Stuff, Dodge, Claw, Dauntless  A  GSP 
 0-6  Kangors  80,000  6  3  3  8  Leap, Very Long Legs, Prehensile Tail  GS  AP 
 0-1  Yowie  140,000  4  6  1  9  Bone Head, Thick Skull, Mighty Blow, Break Tackle, Throw Team Mate,  S  GAP 
 Re-roll counter  60,000 gold pieces each 
 Apothecary  Yes 
 Star Players  Ogre 

Player Icons
Drop Bears



Lumbria teams are the most recent of all nations to field Blood Bowl teams. The nation itself was unknown to the world until very recently; the island was until now a legend. Nipponesse sailors spoke of a far off land with strange creatures leaping about and giant bearded men stalking the shores and building pyres. At night the coast line would turn to flame as the pyres were lit. No one dared venture to the island; the wall of flame was taken as a warning to all never to venture to this great island.

No one knows how word of Blood Bowl finally reached Lumbria, but once it did the natives wasted no time adopting the sport. They already played a game not too dissimilar to Blood Bowl, only they played on a circular pitch and no armour was worn. Once the Lumbrian’s learned about Blood Bowl they sent out their best teams on a tour of the world to show everyone how to play the game Lumbria style. At first crowds laughed and jeered at the Lumbrian team; made up the giant Yowies wearing a leather loin cloth and sporting huge beards that looked far from ideal in a game of Blood Bowl and the diminutive Drop Bears and bizarre Kangors wearing sleeveless skin tight kits with no armour in sight.

It did not take long for the Lumbrians to make their mark on the game though, the diminutive Drop Bears showed strength far beyond their size and built up a reputation as one of the game’s most vicious little buggers. The Kangors displays of strength and agility were a great spectacle to behold and the blundering Yowies bludgeoned their opposition in to the ground. That said the teams of Lumbria so far does not look like one capable of achieving great success, but every town throughout The World loves it when Lumbria teams come to town, their fans have built up a reputation as the greatest in The World and no small amount of ale gets drunk where ever they visit, in fact it’s not uncommon for their fans to keep drinking until the towns ale supply has run dry.

Lumbria itself is now an often travelled to island for all Blood Bowl fans, it turns out the inhabitants are more than friendly and the great Pyres were built not as a warning but instead the islands host great events every night ale is drunk and meat is thrown on the pyres and in the morning Blood Bowl is played.

Lumbria has never appeared on a map of The World though to the far east there is an annotated arrow pointing further east reading something along the lines of - to the mythical lands of Lumbria. This was just a little joke really and The World will never be extended to include this region. In keeping with that idea - this roster is also a bit of a joke too. The region is believed to be The World equivalent of Australia.

The first positional I added was the Kangor. Basically a Beastman of Chaos also known as Gors, but in this region they developed the attributes of a Kangaroo - so Kangor. Their skills and stat line from this point on was quite obvious.

Next up I had a look through Australian folklore to find some comical and thematic animals. The Drop Bear fit perfectly. Basically they are very big Koala Bear with razor sharp claws and teeth, they climb trees and dive on top of creatures that pass beneath and drink their blood. This felt a perfect fit. Sticking with the comical theme and Australian theme too. The information I read about them made constant reference to them taking on animals much bigger than them selves so Dauntless was added, Claws was added obviously because of their razor sharp claws and teeth. The rest is fairly obvious.

Finally after it became clear this was a bit of a Stunty roster I wanted a Big Guy. Again looking at folk lore etc I settled on the Yowie. This is not dissimilar to the Big Foot myth, but I just exaggerated this so made them just short of giant size. At this point it also became clear that the play style of this team is a good cage breaking team, with Break Tackle of the Yowie, Stunty Dauntless of the Drop Bears and Leap Very Long Legs of the Kangors. So at this point I felt as though I had got it right. For star players I gave them the same choices as Ogres as I didn't want anything too agile in the team and that was the best selection of stars for a stunty team of this type.

Season 2 Changes
140 games played, win percentage was 23%. Tier 3 is meant to be 35% to 30%, although Ogres consistently fall way below that even. The win percentage of 23% for Lumbria is too low for my liking so I gave the option for up to 6 Kangors, which makes the team one more in the Lizardman style team. However they are still a Stunty team first and foremost and still aiming for the 30% - 35% bracket.

Season 3
156 games played 26% win percentage is still too low. Though slightly closer to the desired 30%. No change currently needed, but it may need a small buff further down the road.

Team design, rationale and background by Garion
Player Icons by Cowhead and Whatball

Last update: November 4, 2019