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Tune of "Holding Out For A Hero”

Where have all the good games gone And where are all fun coaches? Where's the crazy hellfish coach? To fight the stupid box? Isn't there a PaulHicks? with fouling Khemri? Late at night I toss and turn and dream of what I need


I need a league I'm holding out for a league 'cause it will make things right It's gonna be fun and schedule fast With Random match ups all night! I need a league I'm planning hard for a league I can enjoy with friends We'll have Ogres and flings And all sorts of things And no TV limits screwing inducements

Somewhere after midnight In my wildest fantasy Somewhere just beyond my reach There's a bloodbowl game calling me Cheering all the TDs and laughing at the CAS It's gonna take a special league to make my life complete


In there the amazons meet the dwarves at last In there meta-gaming changes fast I would swear there's a division somewhere Meant for me

Through the boxers whining t'wards scheduling And the ranked chat with no teams I can feel the hope of league Soon you'll see what I mean!

Last update: April 20, 2011