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 0-16  Renegades  50,000  6  3  3  8    G  APS 
 *  Beast of Malal  140,000  6  5  1  8  Loner, Really Stupid, Regenration, Claw, No Hands, Thick Skull, Foul Appearance,Sure Feet  S  GAP 
 Re-roll counter  70,000 gold pieces each 
 Apothecary  Yes 
 Star Players  Human 

  • Any player killed by this team could join this team. They keep all their stats skills, spp and any injuries they are carrying etc... After the game roll 1 D6 for each player killed on the opposing team. On a 1 the wounds inflicted were too severe and the player dies, on a 2-5 the player is healed by the teams apothecary and has sworn allegiance to Malal and the destruction of Chaos. On a 6 Malal transforms the player in to a Beast of Malal (when this happens the player loses all skills, spp, injuries, stat increases etc... and starts as a rookie Beast of Malal as shown in the roster above). Chaos Daemons and Undead players cannot be converted or turned in to a beast of Malal, only the mortal can be converted.

Player Pics

Player Icons

Beast of Malal


Throughout The World the power of Chaos grew. First warriors of Chaos formed teams aligned to their gods, next Daemons of Chaos were sent forth and the stranglehold the 4 Gods of Chaos had over the game became immeasurable. But as they grew in strength so did another power, a power in The Warp that was long forgotten… Malal had returned.

As Malal's influence grew so too did his followers start appearing throughout The World. The Northmen were among the first to succumb to his will and soon formed Blood Bowl teams to help spread the message - Malal was coming and they would wipe every trace of Chaos from the face of The world and bend all to his will. All living creatures would be welcomed to the cause, Malal would reap their souls and the defectors would be forever under his influence.


Although Malal material is very limited a few things were clear, they exist to destroy chaos and they recruit new members to help destroy chaos.

This team is basically a collector team. The best way to do this was recruit killed players in a similar way to Undead, though when Malal teams get a new recruit they keep their skills and stats. I wanted there to be a chance of failure here and also a chance of the player turning into a Beast of Malal as the artwork for this creature just resurfaced in the last few years and this team felt like the perfect place for the creature to appear. So new recruits are either allowed to continue on in their life though now devoted to Malal, considered not worthy and allowed to die, or rewarded with a 2nd life as a Chaos Spawn - A Beast of Malal.

The team stars off pretty weak but with a few key recruits the team could be pretty powerful. Their re-rolls were made 70k as they break rules of team creation.

If you wish to read more on Malal there is more information contained within the Daemons of Malal team page.

Team design by Garion and Harvestmouse
Rational and Background by Garion
Icons by Whatball and Cowhead
Player Pics by knut Rockie coloured by Harvestmouse and Garion

Last update: September 13, 2017