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As an on-pitch wonder, well-known sage and tactical genius, Mezir is often described as the greatest BloodBowler of his generation - mostly by himself. As a whiner and a great believer in the cursed status of his dice, he is more often referred to as "that moaning git", possibly a vastly more accurate description than the previous one given.

Mezir was a Security Officer for quite some time. He was also the Head Editor of the Grotty Little Newspaper, managing to get three issues published. He ran, or helped out with running, both Major and Minor Official FUMBBL Tournaments.

Recently Mezir resigned from all of these positions due to a case of severe FUMBBL-burnout. After a few months absence, he found new happiness as a peon drowning in the masses of FUMBBL, and rediscovered the joy of Bloodbowl without issues. As usual, however, this did not last, since Mezir has the attention span of a hyper-active mosquito on speed. Mezir sightings have since persisted, but are relatively rare.

For more information, see also Mezir's coach info page.

Mezir would like to remind you that the FUMBBL user guide is a wiki, which means that you - yes, you! - can edit it to correct errors and add information. To test this out, feel free to add a comment below. Adulation is appreciated, although other comments will also be accepted, albeit grudgingly.

  • Get a hair cut Mezir! - Koadah
  • Mezir has fathered 419 children, all of them boys. 7 of them are named Sven - Meech
  • Allegedly Mezir is Nuffle's illegitimate son - Optihut
  • Mezir beat Chuck Norris at whining - Rijssiej
  • Mezir is unbelievably handsome - Synn
  • I'd do him... Then sell him our babies. - Dreadclaw
Last update: October 3, 2007