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Myrmidia Teams

 0-16  Linemen  50,000  6  3  3  7  Fend  G  APS 
 0-2  Eagle Runners  90,000  7  3  3  7  Side Step, Sure Hands  GA  PS 
 0-4  Vanguard Blitzers  90,000  6  3  3  8  Dauntless, Wrestle  AGS  P 
 0-2  Templar Blockers  100,000  6  3  3  9  Grab, Stand Firm  GS  AP 
 Re-roll counter  60,000 gold pieces each. 
 Apothecary  Yes 
 Star Players  Human 

Player Pics


Eagle Runner

Vanguard Blitzer

Templar Blocker

Myrmidia, the Godess of war has a greater following than any deity throughout the Old World. Even greater than Sigmar. Her presence is greatest in the southern regions; Estalia, Tilea, and parts of the Border Princes region. Her following isn't quite so ubiquitous in the north of the Old World, however there are still temples in all major cities throughout the Empire dedicated to the war gods worship.

Unlike warring gods worshipped by the chaotic races Myrmidia promotes caution, tactical nous, honour, respect for the opposition and dignity. The cult welcomes all with open arms as long as you prove to the temples priests your devotion, and both men and women can join the cult. The kindness and inclusivity of the cult is largely why Myrmidian followers have grown in number so greatly.

The cult is split up in to a number of different houses -

  • The Blessed Order of True Insight. Responsible for the teachings of Myrmidia. For training coaches and apothecaries, who are ultimately responsible for the ensuring Myrmidian team's structure, co-ordination and style of play is representative of the Goddess.
  • The Order of the Eagle - Formally messengers between temples; the Eagle Runners are now trained to be ball carriers. Dexterous, mobile and elusive, the Eagle Runner epitomises much of what it means to be a Myrmidian follower.
  • The Order of the Righteous Spear. Responsible for offence, training the Spear Vanguard Blitzers, to hit hard and retreat.
  • The Order of the Blazing Sun. Responsible for training the Knights Templar Blockers. Their role to protect their team mates and learn the tactical complexities of when to stand firm or run.

The Knights Templar of the Order of the Blazing Sun have the most arduous training of all the houses. In the final part of their training they are stripped of any armour and weapons and are sent out in to the Old World on their own for a year, and they must survive the wilderness using all the lessons they learned in their worship, most importantly diplomacy and when to fight and when to flee. This initiation represents Myrmidia's time in the Old World, walking among the people and lands, questing for knowledge. Many good men and women never return from this rites of passage, but despite this the Order of the Blazing Sun still have great numbers of initiates applying each year. The reason - the reward for completing this gruelling task is you are provided with some of the finest armour in all of the Old World and are declared a Knight Templar of the Order of the Blazing Sun, one of the greatest honours of the cult.

Unlike most human Blood Bowl races and teams of the Old World Myrmidian Teams have stadia across all nations in their name. They are not restricted by borders, and such is the cults wealth that no human nation would refuse their presence in their cities. Their following continues to grow and many predict Myrmidian teams will one day emulate the successes of human teams like Reikland Reavers.

When designing this team it was first important to draw inspiration from their different houses/sects. In warhammer fantasy battle/roleplay these are The Order of True Insight, Order of the Blazing Sun, Order of the Righteous Spear, and Order of Fury. The order of True Insight lends its self to being about knowledge and teachings, so when translated to the Blood Bowl world this would be the sect associated with coaching staff, apothecaries, tactics etc...

The order of the Blazing Sun is home to Knights Templar. It is said they have some of the finest armour in all the Old World. It was clear they would need to be the teams blockers, being so heavily armoured. Like the Bretonnian Knight Blocker they have the stat line 6339 and Stand Firm. The only difference here is Realm Knights of Bretonnia have Dauntless while Knights Templar have Grab. Both Stand Firm and Grab are representative of their training methods. Stand Firm from the teachings of Myrmidia about knowing when to stand and fight and when to run. Grab is given instead of Dauntless because Dauntless is not in keeping with Myrmidias teachings. She promotes running when the opposition is to great. Grab however gives them greater strategy in their offence again in line with the clear thinking promoted by Myrmidia.

The Order of the Righteous Spear made up the Blitzers in the team. This is said to be the biggest sect of the relgion, so it makes sense that they are the most numerous positional. The warhammer/roleplay name for this unit would be Spear Vanguard, but that felt too militaristic. So changing them to Blood Bowl terms Vanguard Blitzers felt appropriate. Unlike Blitzers in most human teams their Ma is 6. However they have two skills instead of the ubiquitous block. Instead they were given Wrestle and Dauntless. The reason for this was they are less of an offence based blitzing team, they are more passive and tactical. It is not all about hurting the opposition, their teachings promote working as a team and surviving.

I changed the name of Order of Fury, to Order of the Eagle for a number of reasons. Firstly the word Fury does not fit in with their thematics very well. Eagle was chosen because the eagle is so important in their background and there is actually an order of the Eagle mentioned numerous times in their background, it is just not listed as one of their main houses for some reason. Also the cults temples are called Eagle Temples. Most importantly thought - the cults initiates are called First Eagles. They are tasked with scouting - so making the position the Eagle Runner was the obvious choice when translating this cult in to a Blood Bowl team. Side Step was given again to give the team a feeling of good defensive tactical tools, and Sure Hands was given as scouts, messengers, runners, it felt a perfect fit.

Season 3
Team was created in season 3, only 84 games played so far 43.5%. This is lower than expected, but far too few games played to say anything about this roster so far.

Teams design by The Nabster & CIBBL commissioners.
Background and rationale by Garion
Icons by Fanky and Auto Axpert

Last update: November 4, 2019