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These are the guidelines for submitting an article into the FUMBBL news. If you are going to post a submission, be sure to read this page first.

General (applies to all topics)

Regarding teams / players / groups etc. Always include an URL to your team's / player's /group's page when you mention any of them in your article. If you cannot create the link yourself, learn how. If you still cannot figure it out, just add the URL after the correct spot on the article, and the editors will create the link for you. Editiors will NOT search the FUMBBL site and find the correct URLs for you, that is your job as an author.

Regarding links. Do not create links using the word "here". This is best explained with an example:

    DON'T: The team page can be found here
    DO: Team page

Regarding language. The news submission must be in english. Your tournament or group page can naturally be in any language, but all the news material needs to be submitted in english only.


Only official tournaments can advertice on news page. Tournament posting should be contained to posting when a new tournament is starting and when a major tournament ends. Point milestones for the various point groups are no longer viable posts for the FUMBBL front page but an article may be written and submitted to the Grotty Little Newspaper for publishing there. One can also of course post the material into the forum and / or group's own page. There can be exceptions in certain circumstances, but the basic rule is that no one tournament will flood the news section with its submissions.

Grotty Little Newspaper

Grotty Little Newspaper news posts shall be made by editors or staff of the Grotty Little Newspaper. If you have ideas for the Grotty Little Newspaper please post them in the Grotty Little Newspaper forum.


The administrators of FUMBBL and SkiJunkie will post these news items unless they concern unplayable bugs.

Live from the pitch

A.K.A. the fluff. Biggest rule of fluff stories is, make it worthwhile. Writing a line or two about your favourite team / player will not make it. There are no word or paragraph limits, but use your common sense. Work for your article, make it interesting, make it worth it.


FUMBBL news will most likely be handled by administrators as items such as the server being down for upgrades at a specific time or the channel changing servers.

Last update: February 9, 2007