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Ma6 Norse One Turn Touchdown

11 Players are needed to complete this one turn touchdown. The Thrower doesn't move until the final turn where he can pick up the ball and pass it to the player that scores. For simplicity the ball has been given to the player that scores from the first turn.

  • First Blitz with the lineman causing a chainpush which results in the Norse Lineman being moved one square into the opponent's half, the Lineman does not follow up, but instead moves to the space shown.

  • The two Linemen move forward to allow further chain-pushes to take place.

  • The Ulfwerner now uses Frenzy to push the catcher a further 2 squares towards the endzone. This is the best time to use the thrower to pick the ball up and pass to your lineman because he is not currently in any tackle zones and will be pushed further away from the ball in the next few actions.

  • Again, two more linemen are used to plug gaps.

  • the Norse Blitzer uses Frenzy to push the opponent's Lineman to plug the remaining gap.

  • The final push! The remaining Blitzer uses Frenzy and chainpushes the Lineman down the mini channel that we created, now the Lineman is in range to score with 2 GFI's

Last update: August 28, 2013