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When you want to play in an official tournament you first have to apply at the group page of the tournament (at the group members tab you can select your team and Apply for membership). There are a couple of things that are important to know before applying;


To have the official tournaments run smoothly, everyone playing in them needs to obey the FUMBBL Official Tournament Rules.


Not every team is eligible to play in a specific tournament. On the group page of the tournament there is an eligibility section with the restrictions. These restrictions can be based on division, TW, etcetera. The TW restriction is only in effect for the start of the tournament.


Each tournament has a format specified at the group page. The format consists of the style of the tournament (like Knockout, Round Robin and Swiss) and the schedule (1 week per round, instant start, etcetera) with the deadline. The scheduled tournaments can be found in the calendar. When you apply for a tournament make sure the schedule fits your personal schedule.


When a tournament is started the teams will be seeded randomly and you can see your team is scheduled on your overview page. Important information in playing in official tournaments;

  • Contact your opponent as soon as possible to arrange a time to play the game.
  • All inducements that are available in the client are allowed.
  • Conceding is not allowed.
  • If the score is tied at the end of regular play time in a Knockout style tournament overtime will be played. Overtime is a maximum of 8 more turns with a random team kicking. The first team that scores wins the game. If the score is still tied after overtime the client will randomly determine the winner where the remaining rerolls are added to the roll to see who wins.
  • If your game cannot be played before the deadline be sure to inform the tournament staff member (can be found just above the tournament). Each coach is individually responsible for contacting the tournament staff member. Make sure to explain the situation so the tournament staff member knows for which team to forfeit.


On the tournament page there is a section with the prizes you get for winning the tournament (some tournaments even give cash for advancing a round). Most prizes are automatically added to your team (extra MVP, +FF, extra cash), while some of the more special prizes (extra skills, extra player) require an admin to be put in effect.


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FUMBBL Official Tournament Rules
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Last update: October 19, 2022