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Border Princes Starting Roster & Tactics

“You’ll knock them down, but where most opponents have enough sense to feign unconsciousness to get into the safety of the dugout, the Borderlands teams will stagger around on the pitch and ask for more. Aside from that, they’re big, dirty, mean, fast, dirty…”
“You already said dirty.”
“And there is a reason i said it again…”

Advantages and Disadvantages

Adv - Speed - 8 positionals with 7 MV
Up to 4 Wrestlers to start - can get block players on the ground
Up to 2 Rogues, with Shadowing, Stab, and Dodge
Reliable-ish Big Guy in the Ogre
Thick Skull on all players but the Rogues

Dis - AV 7 except for the 4 Brawlers and Ogre
No Starting Block
Can’t start team with all positionals and rerolls

Starting Rosters

Variation 1

  • 5 Linemen
  • 1 Runner
  • 1 Rogue
  • 3 Brawlers
  • 1 Ogre
  • 3 Re-rolls
  • Total = 1000k

This is your standard roster, 3 re-rolls should be enough to last you forever. Ogre gives you the St boost needed to deal with high St teams early on whilst waiting for Guard on your Brawlers. 3 Brawlers gives you good speed an Wrestle coverage. 1 runner is needed for ball handling and the Rogue has Dodge which has many uses, plus stab which is fairly ineffective on the whole but does open up some nice options and safe actions in a turn.

The Variant to this would be to Drop the Rogue for the 4th Brawler. i prefer having the 4 AV8 players to start, and to buy the rogues after my APO, then get the final runner.


Managing the team
First Purchase is APO, then your 3 remaining positionals. After that it will just be replacing the injured, maimed, and dead ones.

Normal rolls: Block, Tackle, Fend
Doubles: Guard, Dodge
Stats: +ST, +AG, +AV, +MV (these are linefodder, so +AV will help keep them on the pitch more than +MV)

Normal: Guard, Tackle, MB, Strip ball, Shadowing
Doubles: Dodge, Jump Up, Side Step
Stats: +ST, +AG, +MV, +AV (Movement 8 is huge if early in development)

Normal: Block, Dodge, Tackle, Side Step, Shadowing, Catch
Doubles: Guard, Pass, Nerves of Steel (latter two if +AG early)
Stats: +ST, +AG, +MV, +AV (Move 8 better for this than AV 8)

Normal: Block, Tackle, Side Step, Diving Tackle
Doubles: Multiple Block, Guard, Mighty Blow
Stats: +MV, +ST, +AG (inherent shadowing makes +MV golden)

just like human ogres, they serve the same role here

Border Princes are a lightning strike team, hit hard and fast, and leave them in the dust. Prolonged engagements are destined to break them, so you’ll want to pick your spots to engage, and when disengaging use blocks to get your guys free as they can’t dodge away as easily as elves, but don’t be afraid to dodge (into the clear, not into tackle zones) in a pinch. Thick skull will reduce the number of KOs this team will receive, and AV 7 isn’t as big of a downside in SL with the number of Claws present on other rosters. The Rogue can be a wildcard element for this team, locking down a slow ballcarrier and the no risk of turnover stab can be highly effective in the right situations. The Rogues and Runners can be blodgers with 1 or 2 levels respectively. Getting your Brawlers skilled up is going to be the key to this team’s success, as wrestle will reduce the number of CAS they inflict compared to normal blitzers.

Overall, this is a solid roster that can give opponents fits when used properly, but when things go wrong they will go very, very wrong.

Last update: October 19, 2018