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Purchase players, sideline staff, re-rolls

After you've finished playing a game with your team but before you’ve clicked the 'Ready to play' button you can make purchases to improve your team. Extra players, sideline staff and re-rolls can be purchased.

An important thing to bear in mind when purchasing new things for your team, purchases can’t be undone, so take care, once you’ve made a purchase you can’t get your money back.

Purchasing players

To purchase a new player look for the 'buy new player' link at the end of your players list. Clicking this pops up a new window, giving you a choice of player types that you can buy. This behaves in the same way as when you were first setting up your team, you can customise the name, gender, and player number (these can't be edited later). You can buy multiple players in this window. Once you've made the purchases, close the pop up window. The changes happened in a separate window, so you need to refresh the team page for the changes to be shown, there is a 'Refresh' link in the Team page banner/navigation to help with this.

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Purchasing sideline staff

Sideline staff include apothecaries, cheerleaders and assistant coaches. All the sideline staff are displayed in the bottom right corner of your team page and the links to purchase them are displayed there also, but only prior to clicking the 'Ready to play' button. Take care as you cannot get your money back if you make a mistake here.

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Purchasing re-rolls

This is located alongside the sideline staff (mentioned above) and works in a very similar way. Clicking 'Add' will buy the extra re-roll.

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Last update: October 20, 2022