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Reporting Results

NOTE: You only need to follow these instructions if the automatic upload at the end of the match fails for any reason. The auto-upload was added in JBB v7.7

1. On the main page of the fumbbl website, there is a big button on top with an "R" in it, and underneath it says "report match". Click this button! This can also be found as a "Report Match" link dependant on what view you use. You can also find the link here.

2. On the page that now has opened there is a text area with 2 buttons. Click on the button which says "browse". This will open a file locator.

3. This window show the directories and files of your own pc. You now have to go to the directory which has you bloodbowl client files in it.

4. There you will find a directory (map) which is labeled "results", go there.

5. In this map you have to look for the zip file of your results. The file will look like this xxxxvsyyyy.zip. The xxxx are the first 4 letters of your own teams name. the yyyy are the first 4 letters of your opponents team name. You may find it easier to locate the zip file by sorting the folder by 'date modified' order - your most recent zip file should be for the last game you have completed.

6. Click on this file and press "open" or double click on it.

7. Now press the button which says "Upload"

8. Now you are finished.

9. If an error occurs, please read the error carefully and report to Admin using the support system or in IRC chat.

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Last update: December 23, 2006