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Retiring teams

Teams can be retired, but not immediately after a game, it can only happen after you’ve clicked the 'Ready to play' button. Reasons you might want to retire your team include keeping your team list tidy (e.g. if you know you’re not going to use that team anymore), or if you have managed to reach the limit of 100 active teams. There are no limits on the number of retired teams you can have, but you cannot have more than 100 active teams. When you click the 'retire team' button (at the end of the team page), you’ll be given a confirmation to check whether you’re sure you want to retire that team, once you’ve confirmed, the team will be retired and will disappear from your main team list. There is a link at the end of your team page to also show retired teams. Once the team is retired you can still view all the same details about the team and watch replays of its games, nothing is lost, except the ability to play further games.

Confirmation message

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Last update: October 20, 2022