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 0-16  Savage Lineman  50,000  6  3  3  7  Frenzy, Thick Skull  GS  AP 
 0-4  Savage Blocker  80,000  5  4  2  7  Frenzy, Thick Skull  GS  AP 
 0-4  Savage Blitzer  90,000  7  3  3  7  Block, Frenzy, Thick Skull  GS  AP 
 0-1  Troglodyte  140,000  5  5  1  9  Loner, Bone Head, Thick Skull, Mighty Blow, Prehensile Tail, Disturbing Presence  S  GAP 
 Re-roll counter  60,000 gold pieces each. 
 Apo  Yes 
 Star Players  Orc 

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Savage Lineman

Savage Blocker

Savage Bitzer


Savage Ors live in the depths of the jungles found throughout The World, though the highest concentration of them is found in the jungles in the Southlands living in close proximity to small Lizardmen tribes and the skeletons of Rasetra.

The Savage Orcs are a battle hardened race, feral, frenzied and nowhere near as sophisticated as the Orcs of The Old World. Hard to imagine I know!

As soon as word of Blood Bowl reached the Southlands Savage Orc teams started popping up, this brutal sport was a perfect fit for their war faring nature. Though not particularly organised or bothered by the ball the Savage Orc teams started causing carnage on the Blood Bowl circuit. They gained loyal following of fans, none more so than amongst the troll community who tried to go and watch them play every time they could. They liked nothing more than eating unsuspecting players that Savage Orcs would chase off the pitch in to the crowd. Like normal Orc teams Trolls do play along side the Savage Orcs. But the Savage Orcs also formed an unlikely alliance with the Troglodytes a subspecies of Lizardmen that many thought had been wiped from the earth. The Troglodytes were cast out of Lizardmen society years ago because they were such dirty creatures; carrying all manner of parasites on their scaled skin. Over the years the two races; Savage Orc and Troglodyte formed an alliance and when Savage Orc Blood Bowl teams started appearing on the Blood Bowl circuit it did not take long before the Troglodytes wanted in on the action too, determined to show The World their power once more and they liked nothing more than killing Lizardmen any chance they get, and many teams are opting to use Troglodytes over Trolls.

This roster was based on the roster from the Midgardbb site. Which Tom Anders created. I have made some minor alterations though; I removed Horns from the Blitzers because it just does not make sense, they do not have Horns and there is no need for this boon when they have st4 players in their team and one of the best Big Guys in the game as well. Also armour the players wear has never factored in to a players skills in Bloodbowl.

The other alteration was - in the midgardbb roster they had access to 1 of 3 Big Guys; Kroxigor, Stone Troll or a Minotaur. I changed this to a Troglodyte and River troll for a few reasons. First of all River troll just makes more sensefluff wise. Troglodytes had their own roster in 1st edition Bloodbowl so I wanted a throw back to that race somewhere in all the teams in the league. Also the Troglodyte is basically just the same stat line as the Kroxigor in this roster so that is in keeping with the original midgardbb roster. Though the Troglodyte gains the addition of Disturbing Presence which is what makes them unique. This is a trait they have always had dating back to the original Bloodbowl. I also felt that from a fluff perspective it wasn't too hard to imagine that this race that has almost been killed off completely and that lives in the depths of jungles hiding in caves has formed an allegiance with the Savage Orcs for protection. I just felt it gave the roster a little more personality and originality than sticking with the already established Big Guys of other teams and that it adds to the feral characteristics of the Savage Orcs and the feel that this team comes from hidden areas deep in the Jungles of The World with creatures that have been lost or forgotten. Also none of the 3 midgard big guys made any sense from a fluff perspective.

Season 2 Changes
In their first year they Played 300 games with a win percentage of 58%. This is a little higher than expected. Though the stats were effected slightly by a few coaches that played with 2 Big Guys in their not understand they were only allowed 1 Big Guy - the Troll or the Trog. As such I removed the option to select a Troll. I got rid of the Troll because the Troglodyte was more popular even though the Troll is more fitting really. Anecdotally no one felt this roster was too strong, in fact some wanted them to made stronger by giving them an Av boost. Though this is not needed.

Season 3
Games played 302 with a win percentage of 51%. This is more in line with what was expected. Now people cannot take 2 big guys through not reading the team rules the team is working fine and is locked in. This win percentage makes the team a tier 1 team, though they are certainly a tricky race to use.

Team design by Tom Anders with minor adjustments by Garion
Background and Rationale by Garion
Artwork by Knut Rookie, colouring by Garion
Icons by Cowhead

Last update: November 22, 2019