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Sea Elves

 0-16  Linemen  70,000  5  3  4  9    GA  SP 
 0-2  Thrower  80,000  5  3  4  9  Pass  GAP  S 
 0-2  Catchers  90,000  6  3  4  8  Catch, Sprint  GA  SP 
 0-4  Blockers  90,000  5  3  4  9  Block, Grab  GA  SP 
 Re-roll counter  50,000 gold pieces each. 
 Apothecary  Yes 
 Star Players  High Elf 

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Famous Teams
Highsea Surf Riders, Unsettled Sea Elves and Southstorm Squids (though it has never been confirmed whether Southstorm Squids are another Sea Elf team or possibly a joke Squid team, until the 2017 Death Zone 2 book in which it confirmed they were in fact Sea Elves) - All 3 first appeared in 2nd edition or the 2nd edition star player book.

Sea Elves live in the Outer Kingdoms of Ulthuan, while the High Elves live in the Inner Kingoms. They are a brave seafaring nation with trading posts throughout The World, the most famous of which is Marienburg.

Sea Elves wear the strongest armour forged by the High Elves - Ithilmar. It is the only Heavy Plate Armour elves are capable of wearing as it is lighter than any other plate armour in The World, though it is still heavy enough to seriously restrict their movement.

Sea Elf Blood Bowl teams do not have a home stadium and challange people to games of the brutal sport when they dock at trading ports. The heavy armour is vital for them as when they lose players it also means they have lost a ship mate. So they are all too willing to restrict their movement for the sake of protection.

The only part of the Sea Elves not covered in Ithilmar armour is their faces and on their feet as they found this too restricting. Throwers also generally leave one arm free of the plate armour for the same reason and the Catchers wear less on their arms and legs so their movement isn't quite so restricted.

Basically this team is an Av9 Ag4 team, something that is missing from the game at the moment. Some believe this would simply be an unbeatable team, though by restricting their movement so much they will struggle in a similar way dwarves do against fast teams, and without easy bash skill access they wont be great in battles of attrition they just shouldn't lose many players either.

The Linemen are your basic elves losing 1 Ma for 1 Av, dropping below Ma6 is huge, the difference between Ma6 and Ma5 doesn't sound like much but in reality it really is huge. The difference it makes when chasing games, chasing opponents players, trying to score 2 turn touchdowns and so on is a big weakness.

The Throwers are just basic Throwers, gaining the Pass skill for only 10k and P access.

The Catchers were the most difficult position to get right, they should probably be Ma7 because of their decreased Av, but allowing an Ma7 player on a Av9 team would just make the team too powerful. Catch obviously given to them as it is their primary role in the team. Sprint was added so they technically have the same Ma as a Dark Elf Blitzer once GFIs are included but it comes with a much greater risk so will likely only come in to play in emergencies.

The Blocker was also tricky. He originally started off life as a Blitzer, but I felt this didn't really fit the theme of the team properly. This Elf team is really about defence more so than any of the others, also Blitzers tend to be faster than Linemen of the same race and I did not want too many Ma6 players. Block was added as standard but I felt the team lacked a little flavour, it was just too bland, so I added Grab, as positioning is key and Grab would make up somewhat for their very poor Ma opening up gaps in the opponents defence for the rest of the team to exploit. Grab just made the roster feel more unique and added a whole new tactical element to running this team. I also liked the way that this team is almost a complete opposite to Pro Elves too. Although the positionals are the same the styles could not be more different and Grab being the opposite skill to Side Step just felt perfect to me. From a fluff point of view I also did not find this hard to belive these Elves are meant to be stronger and tougher than all others so starting with a strength skill only supports that but I could not give them S access as the team would just be too good.

Season 2 Changes
No change required, team have played 402 games with a win percentage of 56%. This puts them ahead of High Elf and Dark by 3% but behind Wood Elf and Elf teams by 3%. The team is performing as expected in Tier1.

Season 3 Changes
No change required, team have played 501 games with a win percentage of 55%. A slight drop in win percentage. It is now inside the Tier1 bracket firmly. Although the roster appears to be scary its draw backs are certainly sufficient that they are not over powered. This roster is now locked in, the design works, its is unique and has more than enough testing.

Team design, background and rationale by Garion
Icons by Cowhead
Pictures by Knut Rockie, coloured by Garion

Last update: November 6, 2019