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Sisters of Sigmar Teams

 0-16  Sisters  50,000  5  3  3  9    G  ASP 
 0-2  Purifiers  70,000  6  3  3  8  Stab, Stakes  GA  SP 
 0-2  Augurs  90,000  7  3  3  7  Sure Hands, Pro, Nerves of Steel  GA  SP 
 0-4  Sister Superior  80,000  5  3  3  9  Block, Stand Firm  GS  AP 
 0-1  Matriarch  120,000  5  4  2  9  Dauntless, Mighty Blow  GS  AP 
 Reroll counter  60,000 gold pieces each 
 Apothecary  Yes 
 Star Players  Human 

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Sisters Superior


The Sisters of Sigmar formed years ago from a convent in the Empire. They travelled the world as healers, looking after humans in need wherever they went. Spreading the word of their god Sigmar and denouncing the influence Chaos and Undead were having on their world.

Over the years the cult grew in size. Women from all walks of life started joining the sisters, some to escape their former lives, some daughters were sent to the convents by their parents because of their troublesome ways, others joined voluntarily to rid the world of its evils. As their numbers grew the cult began to change their primary role from healers to paladins; warriors of Sigmar that would walk the earth slaying any xenos they would come across. The Sisters were well trained, suited in the finest armour in the Empire and blessed by their god, more than a match for an Undead or Chaos horde.

When Blood Bowl started gaining popularity the Sisters attention turned to the sport. At first they formed brute squads and fought outside stadium targetting the possessed.

Before long the Grand High Matriarch tasked her Matriarchs to start training the sisters in the arts of the sport so they could more easily purge the Undead and Chaos they oppose so fervently. The Sisters though lacking in speed and ball skills are quickly becoming one of the most feared teams in the Old World. Their mix of brute force, heavy armour, divine protection and guidance makes them one of most brutal human sects to ever play the sport.

In the Warhammer world, and more specifically Mordheim the Sisters of Sigmar started growing but before they got too big they were accused of being witches by the witch hunters and were all but destroyed everywhere apart from Mordheim. I wanted to include the race though as they filled two roles that were not taken in the game - a team of very tough, resolute female warriors, and also paladins. In Blood Bowl the World is for all intents and purposes a parallel universe. So where my story changes things from the WFB world is the Sisters continue to grow throughout The World, like the knights hospitaller from which the Mordheim Sisters were based. Instead of being accused of being a witches and killed.

The Sisters of Sigmar's raison d'etre is to cleanse the game of its impurities, specifically to destroy all Undead races, and Chaos. The team was based on the Sisters of Sigmar from the game Mordheim, as this is where the majority of their background material exists. In this game they especially powerful at dealing with Undead. They are not good at dealing with ranged opposition, they have a bash centric in your face, toe to toe play style. They are heavily armoured and have heavy weapons.

So when creating a Blood Bowl team it is important to keep the feel of the race the same, and their style the same. So we were looking at a team with little to no passing ability, essentially - bash centric grinding team. I also wanted them to be the antithesis of Undead as this is so central to their background, so they need to be a hard counter to that race.

The linewomen/sisters we decided on making them av9. This makes the team unique as we have no grinding teams that are female. While they obviously do not have the natural toughness of say an orc or dwarf, they can be heavily armoured and also have magical protection in a similar way to Bretonnians.

Sisters Superiors as their name suggests are better version of Sisters, playing the role of Blockers in the team. I wanted the team to be resolute and good at hitting so Block was a straightforward choice and Stand Firm just adds to the thematics of their religious zeal. They are also in the background material in charge of maintaining order so in Blood Bowl holding a line and leading the way by example seems very fitting.

The Augurs are a unique positional. In Mordheim they are blind members of the cult that have been given magical 'blessed sight' for their faith. In Mordheim it is an ability used for finding hidden wyrdstone and also gives them re roll abilities. This made them the obvious choice for ball carrier. The players in the Blood Bowl world uses the 'blessed site' to seek out the ball, so sure hands was a perfect fit. Pro was added as it is a direct translation of their Mordheim skill and Nerves of Steel was added because they would not feel any pressure when trying to catch the ball as they are blind and guided by their faith only. Their stat line and skill access are 7337 GA because of their role in the cult. Speed is where their abilities are, unlike the Sister Superiors and Matriarchs who's talents are in combat. They also wear no armour unlike the rest of their teams, hence the Av7.

The Purifiers are the only positional that is made up entirely. But we felt it was important to have a positional that carries Stakes to dispatch of Undead foes when they face them. This is so integral to their background that their inclusion was a must. We decided to make them like a rookie version of Zara. so GA access, 6338 Stakes Stab. Although in Zara the Slayers back story she is raised by Dwarfs to destroy Undead it still seemed right that the Sisters would hold her in very high regard as her specialist role is slaying Undead. So we felt that Sisters could possibly have this positional player after taking inspiration from Zara, and possibly as a tribute too.

Finally the Matriarch is pretty integral to the Sisters identity, we considered just making her the teams coach which is a possibility. However we felt she needed to be on the pitch for a few reasons. First of all the team needs to be a bash and grind team but they have no big guy, and she acts as a pseudo big guy of sorts, and also like a pseudo character. A seasoned warrior, stronger and more powerful than any other Sisters. We also wanted a direct counter to Mummies and Daemons etc... basically big powerful xenos. The sisters needed a player type whose role was "cleansing". We wanted an overtly powerful hitting force in the team to round them off. St4 Av9 dauntless makes her effective at dealing with such threats and Mighty Blow makes her a solid bashing threat.

Season 2 Changes
New team to Season2.

Season 3
766 games played with a win percentage of 60%. This puts them in line with Wood Elf, Lizardmen, Undead. The number of games is usually a good indicator that a team is very good and this with percentage is concerning, especially as it is a decent sample size. However no changes made so far. Although I do have some small concerns about this roster I don't believe it is too good, though the 4X Stand Firm can be very boring to play against at low TV and be too hard a counter for some opposition, especially coupled with Av9. However I have had resistence to changing this from the people that play in the scheduled leagues where the team do not perform anywhere near as well. If I were to change it I would likely change Stand Firm to Fend. But I will hold off for another year to see how they get on.

Team design, Garion and Calthor
Background, Rationale by Garion
Art work by Knut Rockier and coloured by Garion
Icons by Neubau

Last update: November 6, 2019