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Slaanesh Starting Roster & Tactics

Variation 1 - 2RR, 5 Positionals

  • 6 Slaves to Darkness
  • 2 Slaangors
  • 3 Warriors of Slaanesh
  • 2 Re-rolls
  • Total = 990k

3 re-rolls is a must as is 3 Warriors, the Av9 and Claw gives some punch and the ability to punch. 2 Slaangors gives you some Ma7 which is always good but you need to keep them safe as they will probably be your main ball carriers when developed. (edit: season 2 changes made it so you can no longer purchase 3 RR with 3 Warriors and 2 Slaangors, and the Wars are AV 8 ST4 now). This roster is there to maximize your positionals at the start and boost their advancement, however only 2 re-rolls will make things tricky with no blocking or ball handling skills, and the cost of the 3rd reroll will balloon past the cost of your positionals after team creation. purchase order - 3rd re-roll, 4th Warrior, remaining Slaangors, bench.


Variation 2 - 3RR, 3 Positionals

  • 8 Slaves to Darkness
  • 1 Slaangor
  • 2 Warriors of Slaanesh
  • 3 Re-rolls
  • Total = 990k

3 re-rolls is a must is right, even if it slows down the development of the positionals. the 2 warriors can provide hitting power and resilience, and the Slaangor is perfect for blitzing and ball carrying. The Slaves of Darkness are basically Elf Union linemen, and can handle the ball better than your positionals anyway due to AG 4. purchase order should be: Apo, 3rd Warrior (or second Slaangor if you get bad money rolls), 4th Warrior, remaining Slaangors. Once you have your 8 positionals, retire the broken Slaves and start buying replacements as needed.



Last update: May 15, 2018