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Troll Starting Roster & Tactics

Starting Rosters

Variation 1

  • 5 Snotlings (100k)
  • 5 Goblins (200k)
  • 2 River Trolls (240k)
  • 2 Trolls (220k)
  • 3 Re-rolls (180)
  • Apothecary (50k)
  • Total = 990k

Starting with 4 trolls gives you a wall of strength unmatched by most teams, however comes with quite a few rolls you'll need to make keeping them in the game. For this reason I'd recommend starting with 3 re-rolls, as the trolls do NOT have loner, so may use them freely. 5 goblins seems to be a working amount, granting higher strength and a screening ability than the snotlings, who in turn are able to use swarming and move to either accompany trolls, or handle the ball for your team.



Last update: January 17, 2021