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Sons of Stromfels Teams

 0-16  Pirate Cultists  40,000  6  3  3  7  Thrall  G  ASP 
 0-4  Sons of Stromfels  110,000  4  5  2  9  Claw, Frenzy, Blood Lust  S  GAP 
 Re-roll counter  70,000 gold pieces each. 
 Apothecary  Yes 
 Star Players  Norse 

Player Pics

Pirate Cultists

Sons of Stromfels

Stromfels is known as the God of Storms to some, to others the Shark God. He is the god of the perils of the seas; the storms, currents, waves, reefs, sea-monsters and of course the sharks. He is a malevolent god, one who takes great pleasure in taking the lives of those at seas. Some even believe he is the oceanic aspect/form of the blood god Khorne.

At one time worship of this god was outlawed throughout the Old World. Though after the great wars subsided the worship of the shark like deity became more open and accepted, to a certain degree. As long as the worship was kept away from the more civilised realms of men.

Pirates and Wreckers (river pirates) throughout the world worship effigies of the shark god and pray for safe passage across the seas in Stromfels' name, assuring the malevolent god that blood will be spilled and bodies dumped in the oceans in his name. It is their belief that Stromfels takes the form of a giant shark with human legs, so great in size that it would dwarf even the greatest creatures of the ocean like Promethean or Behemoth.

It is now known that relics of Stromfels are littered throughout the oceans of the world, imbued with his power. It was once only legend that when Stromfels teeth are worn by a mortal man and a blood sacrifice is made the bearer will be transformed in to a shark-man in Stromfels image. But we now know this to be true. There have even been whispers of shards of Stromfels heartstone residing deep in the ocean trenches that would transform the bearer in to the mythical Harbringer of Stromfels, an avatar of the shark god. Some claim to have seen this beast, but no one knows for sure if it truly exists.

The cult of Stromfels also known as Sons of Stromfels is made up of male pirates and wreckers only. Their cultists are found throughout the world, on rivers, ports and seas, though the cults presence is strongest in the principality - Tobaro. Tobaro is situated within Tilea though it is cut off from the nation by the Abasko mountains. In fact the only way in or out of the principality is to sail there past Fools Rocks, so called because the route through is so perilous.

The pirate state is known to the outside world as the city of fools. The area in the bay beneath the city of Tobaro - Fools Rock hides many lairs. This is where the cult of Stromel's presence is greatest. Many believe there is a great secret hidden by the cultists that reside in Fools Rock, but few dare venture there. The passage is treacherous, and the area has become over run with shark-men in recent years.

As Blood Bowl became world renowned the Sons of Stromfels started fielding teams of their greatest warriors, at first playing locally against pirate teams and Sea Elf opponents, as well as other sea faring teams. Overtime their reputation grew and Tobaro is now home to great Blood Bowl stadia adorned with shark teeth.

Fans the world over love nothing more than watching the sharkmen rip Sea Elfs in half in their great jaws.


The team was based on the background material found in the Gotrek and Felix book Slayer of the Storm God. Warhammer Fantasy role play and the black library magainze of canonical short stories - Hammer and Bolter issue 17.

The linemen are pirates, so kept the stat line from Pirate Teams. There was a possiblity of calling them Wreckers as it is more unique, but it didn't seem right as Wreckers are river pirates, and sharks oceanic, even though they do worship Stromfels. Pirates was chosen but lacked flavour. In the end Pirate Cultists seemed appropriate. As it shows they are the same as normal pirates, only they are Sons of Stromfels cultists hoping to be given a shark tooth one day so they can transform in to a sharkman.

The only thing left to decide them was the Sons of Stromfels. They are Sharkmen so claw was a must. They are top heavy so on land being slow seemed appropriate. They are described as very powerful and blood thirsty so St5 seemed fitting, along with Blood Lust. Av9 feels correct as they are such powerful beings.

Teams design by CIBBL commissioners
Icons by Fanky and Neubau
Background and rationale by Garion
Player art by Knut Rockie and coloured by Garion

Last update: December 18, 2018