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Speed Painting

This guide will show you how to paint an entire team in only two hours max. The technique used here is generally known as greyscaling and then painting with washes only.

Step 1 - Undercoat your team.

This should be done with white for the purposes of speed painting. It is geneally best to just use white spray, that way you can do your whole team in one go and the results are very nice and even. This model was done by hand which takes a little longer though the results are just as good. If you do undercoat by hand make sure you do not let the white paint pool over any of the detail of the miniature.

Step 2 - Black Wash

The next step is to paint your white miniature with a black wash. This miniature was done using GWs Badab Black. Be quite generous with your Wash but make sure you do not let the Wash pool over any detail.

Note: If the paint starts to pool in the wrong place then just blow on the Wash and it will push the Wash in to the areas you want.

Step 3 - Dry Brush

Next dry brush the miniature white. Again this doesn't have to be the neatest job ever just get some white paint on a big brush, then dry the brush on some kitchen roll and brush it roughly and quickly all over the miniature.

Step 4 - Add colour

Finally all you need to do now is add the coloured washes over the top. I usually start with the skin first and work up from there doing the miniatures top layer of clothing last. Again be quite generous with your washes but make sure they do not run on to another area of the miniture that you would like to be another colour, if this happens the end result will look quite messy. Remeber to blow the washes if they are pooling in the wrong place.

Note - When block painting an entire team just paint them in a line. So do the skin on all of them first, by the time you have finished the last mini the first should be dry and ready for your next colour.

When you have finished with your washes you can add a little bit of detail to the mini. All I have done here is paint the eyes red and stick some PVA glue to the base then drop some stones and static grass on top. I also painted a few very fine metal lines on the shoulder pads using GWs chainmail metalic paint. To make the shoulder pads look like they have seen some action and thats it, nothing else has been painted, the teeth and the skull on his shoulder pad have just been left from the initial undercoat and black wash. So everything else was painted with washes only, no highlighting, low lighting, dry brushing, blending or anything.

So there you have it, quick, easy and the end results are reasonable. You will never achieve Golden Demon standard painting like this but it does the job, and quickly.

Last update: August 30, 2011