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Squig Teams

 0-16  Squig Herders  40,000  6  2  3+  4+  8+  Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuff  A  GSP 
 0-2  Cave Squig  80,000  6  4  3+  -  9+  Pogo Stick, Very Long Legs, Claw, Really Stupid, No Hands  AS  G 
 0-4  Squig Hopper  100,000  6  4  3+  -  9+  Claw, Pogo Stick, Very Long Legs, Animal Savagery  AS  G 
 0-1  Giant Cave Squig  110,000  4  5  5+  -  10+  Loner(+3), Claw, Really Stupid, No Hands, Thick Skull  S  GA 
 0-1  Mangler Squig  120,000  3  7  3+  -  9+  Ball and Chain, Claw, No Hands  S  GA 
 0-1  Squig Gobba  80,000  1  5  5+  2+  10+  Bombardier, Secret Weapon, Claw, Hail-mary Pass, Really Stupid, No Hands  S  GAP 
 Re-roll counter  70,000 gold pieces each 
 Apothecary  Yes 
 Special Rules  Badlands Brawl, Bribery and Corruption 
 Tier  3 

Player Pics

Squig Herders

Cave Squig

Squig Hopper

Giant Cave Squig

Mangler Squig

Squig Gobba

Night Goblins live under the mountain of The Old World in tunnels and caves. They are relatives of the Goblins though have a strong aversion to light. If they ever venture out of their caves in the day time they wear dark cloaks and hoods to protect them from the sunlight.

In this cavernous region of the world the Night Goblins formed a bond with Squigs that inhabit the caves. They hunt the Squigs for food and herd them in to cages.

Night Goblin teams, or Squig teams as they later became known, have never been the most successful of races but they are also one of the most feared. The Night Goblins herd the biggest Cave Squig in their heard to front their team, flanked by the bravest or possibly stupidest Goblins riding on top of Squigs. Though the Squigs are devastatingly powerful the team has a tendency for self-destruction and while they will never win any trophies or accolades for their great play Squig teams are quickly becoming everyone’s favourite race to watch.

This team is based on Night Goblins so a Ball and Chain player was a must. They are kept the same as in normal Goblin teams. The Linemen though called Night Goblins are kept the same as standard Goblins as there is little to differentiate them other than the clothes they wear.

Squigs would be the focal point of the team though as they are so unique to this race. The Cave Squig functions as the teams Big Guy. The reason they have the negatrait Really Stupid is because the Cave Squigs are generally herded by Night Goblins so it made sense that they do not do what they are told unless prodded in the right direction by their team mates. I went for Claw over Mighty Blow for the bash skill as this represents the Cave Squigs bite. No Hands was added for obvious reasons.

The Squig hoppers are the real focal point of the team. They needed to be St4 because they are powerful creatures. Unlike the cave Squig they do not have No Hands because the riders can carry the ball. Typically speaking I really don’t like having mounts in Bloodbowl it just doesn’t seem right and in the official Bloodbowl fluff it is mentioned that mounts were made illegal after a Khorne team riding Juggernauts were too powerful. However Squig Hoppers are too integral to Goblins to ignore them and they are also extremely cool. Plus like Forest Goblins and their Giant Spiders I just feel like Goblins are dirty cheats anyway so they are likely to ignore any such rules anyway. I gave them Very Long Legs, not because they literally have long legs, but because of the +1 it gives for leaping. It would not be right for Squigs to Leap on a 4+ and I also did not want them to be Ag4 either as this would be too good for a Squig. I wanted to add an element of random movement to them as well and Bloodlust was the best fit. Occasionally they attack one of their own players or run into the crowd and start attacking them. They are wild beasts after all and the Goblins can barely control them. I gave them Pile On as their bash starting skill over Claw. I didn’t give them Claw because Squig Hoppers have a bit (like horses do in horse riding) in their mouth which stops them from biting, the bit has the reigns attached for the rider to hold on to. Pile On was the best fit as the hoppers bounce up and down on their opponents. For skill access A and S was the way to go. They are fairly agile creatures and powerful too, but should not have the luxury of getting General skills as they are far from normal and skills like Sure Hands etc… just wouldn’t come naturally to the Squig or rider.

Season 2 (2020 Edition) Changes
Added Pa stat to all players that should have it, and removed it from players that should not, in line with the core rules. Adjusted Squig Gobba Pa to 2+ as it is already sub optimal as a positional player, Hail Mary Pass is worse than it used to be and they need to pass a Really Stupid roll to spit an exploding squig out too.

Team design, background and rationale by Garion
Icons by Whatball
Artwork by Knut Rockie, coloured by Garion and Ryanfitz

Last update: January 13, 2023