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Starting a Tournament

In your group's page, you will see a Tournaments box under your description text, with a Create Tournament link. If you click on that, give a name to your tournament, choose whether it is to be a round-robin (i.e. league style) or knock-out (i.e. cup style) tournament, choose the start and ending dates and type in a short description of the tournament. The tourmanent's name and description will now show up on your group page.

You can create a tournament at any time, but you can only start one when you have enough teams to include in it. For example, if you want to start a 16-team league, but you only have 13 teams in your group, you will have to recruit three more teams. You can't add teams to your tournament after you start it.

If you want several divisions in a league, you have to create a separate tournament for each division.

When you click on the Start Tournament link under your chosen tournament, you come to a screen where you choose the participants, with all group members ticked to start with. When you have finished choosing, the tournament fixtures will show up on your group's page. All fixtures for both round-robin and knock-out tournaments are chosen randomly - there is no such thing as seeding.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can only start tournaments with teams which are in the League division. Only admins are allowed to run tournaments with teams from other divisions, for the purposes of divisional cup competitions. Please don't start a group for teams in anything other than League division - coaches tend to get upset when they are told they have to transfer their teams just to play.

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Last update: February 28, 2007