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Strigoi Teams

 0-16  Zombies  40,000  4  3  2  8  Regeneration  G  ASP 
 0-6  Ghouls  70,000  7  3  3  7  Dodge, Thrall  GA  SP 
 0-4  Strigoi  100,000  6  4  3  8  Claw, Regenerate, Blood Lust, Hypnotic Gaze  GS  AP 
 Re-roll counter  70,000 gold pieces each 
 Apothecary  No 
 Star Players  Vampire 

Player Pics

Player Icons



The Strigoi are the most ferocious and deadly of all the vampires, their warped bodies and huge claws the result of countless years of seclusion; feasting on Ghouls and the recently deceased.

As Strigoi numbers dwindled through the years the Strigoi became more secluded, more deranged and more fearful of feeding off humans in case it attracted unwanted attention; they found their place in lost grave yards at the Worlds Edge.

Thousands of years passed and the Strigoi grew restless. The time had come to rise again, accompanied with their Zombies hordes and Ghouls; they marched across the Badlands to reclaim their former home... Strigos. But the world they woke to was changed, wars no longer ravaged the lands and a huge fortress had been erected in the Badlands, forged into the cliffs of the Worlds Edge Mountains.

A band of Strigoi, Ghouls and Zombies were sent to see what this great fortress was, for no man stood guard outside or atop of the great bastion. The war band of Strigoi stepped into the stadium to find a group of Dwarves waiting impatiently on one side of a large rectangular field.

A voice boomed around the stadium.

"At last the games can begin, we were begining to think you weren't going to show up"

The Strigoi were ushered on to the field and a whistle blew. The Dwarves started laying into the unsuspecting Strigoi. The vampires snapped and fought back, their claws ripped through the Dwarf teams armour with ease, in their first game of Bloodbowl they paid little attention to the ball and they technically lost, though no player nor spectator left the stadium alive. Only those watching the game via NBC (Necromancer's Broadcasting Circle) witnessed the massacre.

Over the years the Strigoi made the Badlands their own again erecting stadiums throughout the dusty plains. The brutal, crazed vampires no longer lived in the shadows, they became world renowned stars of the game, famed for the unrelenting slaughter on the field of play. But old habbits die hard and dispite having riches and greater numbers than ever before they kept feeding on Ghouls and the recently deceased. It seems they had aquired a taste for them.

Strigoi are known as Ghoul Kings, as they surround them selves with Ghouls to feed on from fear of feeding on humans due to their past. So making the Ghouls thralls was an obvious choice, due to their low Av and lack of Regeneration it made sense to allow 0-6 Ghouls or the Strigoi would quickly run out of players to feed on.

Strigoi are quite low in number and live in seclusions so 0-4 Strigoi made sense from a fluff perspective. In terms of skills Claw was a must due to their giant claws and St4 was a must due their unnatural strength.They lack the finesse of other vampires so lowering their Ag to 3 was also a straight forward choice if sticking to their fluff, similarly removing access to A skills was a must because they do not have the capacity to develop in to finesse players.

Zombies make up the Linemen, this is because they cannot have any human thralls on the teams from their fear of humanity. Secondly it could not be skeletons as Strigoi feast on rotting flesh and skeletons have no flesh to speak off. So they do not have any need for skeletons. I did not give the Zombies the Thrall trait because Strigoi will always feed on Ghouls instead if given the choice and it helps balance the roster, as 4 Claw St4 players could potentially be quite devastating.

Season 2 Changes
80 games played with a percentage around 47%. No change needed, the roster is performing a little higher than expected, currently in the Tier 1.5 range.

Season 3
157 games played 49.68% win percentage. The roster is performing slightly above expected still in the tier1.5 range rather than tier 2. It still hasn't had that many games played though. So I have not locked it in yet, though its unlikely I will make any chances to this roster.

Team design by Harvestmouse and Garion
Fluff and rationale by Garion
Player art by Knut Rockie, coloured by Garion
Icons by Whatball and Cowhead

Last update: November 6, 2019