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Paint Stripping

This guide will show you how to strip the paint from your minaitures and prepare it for re-painting.

1, What you need - I use Dettol, it is quick easy to find and easy to wash off the miniature once you are done. You will obviously also need a badly painted miniature.

2, Just get your badly painted miniature put it in a glass with some Dettol and leave it for 24 hours. I snapped the base off this miniature before stripping it because the sand, glue and paint on the base would make the miniature very sticky. You can also stick any number of miniatures in your Dettol in one go if you have a lot of stripping to do.

Note: Keep the glass of Dettol in a well ventilated room or near an open window because Dettol stinks.

3, Remove the miniature and then wash the miniature with an old tooth brush and warm soapy water. Don't pour the Dettol away until you have successfully removed all the paint, if it doesn't all come off then just put the mini back in the dettol for another day and then try washing it off again. Once the paint is removed get a coffee filter pour the Dettol through it to get rid of the old paint and then store it in a jar.

Note: It is a good idea to wear rubber gloves while doing this otherwise your hands will stink of Dettol for weeks.


  • Don't drink the dettol.
  • Leave out of reach of small children, after all it looks like apple juice.
  • Put a lid on your container to stop the smell, and also to prevent an accident.
  • Carry this out in a well aired room or outside - whilst not toxic, you will stink afterwards


  • Do Not use water to rinse your models without washing up liquid - you will end up with a superglue like sticky goo of paint on your minis!

Click here to find out about other products that can be used on plastics and resin miniatures, and other useful information.

Last update: September 7, 2011