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Stunty League 2020 Central

Welcome to SLC20! From this page you can find any and all pertinent information relating to the Stunty League (or Stunty Leeg as it is commonly known)! It was created to compile and organize the various bits of information on Stunty which can also be found in the User Guide and the Stunty Leeg forums.

Download the original Stunty Leeg Handbook!

So what is the Stunty Leeg?

The Stunty Leeg is a FUMBBL community-created experimental league. It began with the Living Rule Book (LRB) and the orignal stunty teams (Goblin and Halfling), but now is comprised solely of its own set of rosters (including Gnomes, Horrors of Tzeentch, Albion Fae and many more!). See further down for all of the playable races now available.

Stunty is not as serious as other leagues, and is often mockingly called the "Stunty Leeg". Fun and mayhem are the key aims here! The average game tends to include several nasty Big Guys, wild amounts of Secret Weapons and Stunty players flying all over the place! It tends to feature high body counts and spectacularly daring plays! You shouldn't grow terribly attached to your players (or your whole team for that matter!), as a lucky Snotling Pump Wagon could tear through your entire roster at any minute (but said Snotling Pump Wagon is also just as likely to veer wildly off the pitch and into the crowd, killing itself and countless spectators!). Such wild and wacky events are the essence of Stunty and if you want to get the most out of playing here you will have to learn to enjoy such mayhem, even if you are on the receiving end!

If you can can get yourself into this "Stunty Spirit" you are pretty much guaranteed to have a blast!

Stunty Leeg Races

A wide variety of fun races are currently available in the Stunty Leeg. Check out each race page below for detailed information on rosters, fluff, and links to initial roster and playstyle recommendation pages. If you simply want to compare rosters, check out the Stunty Rosters page.


Roster-Related Links

  • Stunty Rosters: A page with all Stunty rosters listed. Less detailed than the individual pages above, but a bit easier to make comparisons between races.
  • Stunty Stars: A page listing all of the Star Players found in Stunty. Note that these are also indicated on the individual race pages, this is simply a compilation page.

Last update: November 25, 2022