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Naming Your Team and Players

All players must have names. Even if you choose to participate in one of the "cut-down" leagues (2v2, 4v4, 5v5 etc) ALL players need acceptable names. We know you are just going to fire them..but they still have stories ;-) Name them properly!

While there is a sentence or two given over to team and player name rules in the overall FUMBBL rules...it seems prudent to lay them all out here so that maybe the approval monkeys don't have to deal with the same problems EVERY day!

Absolutely Not Acceptable

  • Swear words of any language! This includes the obvious but also extends to any sort of wordplay that hints at swearing as well. Juvenile snickerings aren't names!
  • Numerical Sequence: Your players already have a number...no need to have names such as Bill 1, Bill 2 etc. Almost all numbering names will be disallowed.
  • Positional Names. Lineman Bill, Blitzer Bob etc. We know what they are...no need to name them thus.
  • Keyboard smashes and/or alphabet sequence. Abc, Lmnop, jdbauic,ahwd, etc.
  • Any team or player names that in any way denigrate or insult any race, religion, sex, etc. will NOT be accepted.
  • Names referring to genitalia including but not limited to: Balls, Nuts, Fanny, Penis etc, this includes wordplay that refers to the afore mentioned.
  • Names that will look identical in the client: "I am the player that says Ni", "I am the player that says Boo" etc. will read the same during play.

Mostly Unacceptable!

The following is a bit subjective. While they may ultimately find a sympathetic approver be prepared to wait or be disallowed by others who DON'T like these.

  • L33T names that U think are r0x0r. AlSo NoTe that wEiRD Cap sequences are frowned uPon!
  • One letter name changes. Peggy, Teggy, Meggy, Leggy, Keggy etc. Not against the rules per se...but VERY lazy and highly disliked those who see them everyday.
  • Outrageously long names. "I am the guy who catches the ball and runs with it for awhile than passes it sometimes" No thanks.
Last update: April 16, 2013